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Will Halloween Truly Be Over?

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Welcome to the fourth newsletter for this publication!

Trick-or-treat? Well, it’s over isn’t it? Halloween?

Maybe for the kids, but as we older-than-kid writers ask ourselves this question every day on this platform, some days feel like treats, but other days have certainly been more “trick” than we bargained for or expected.

But no fear, this month has been a progressive month on this publication and this is in large part due to Martin van Soest coming onboard as co-editor of this publication.

Martin has been an indispensable contributor to the overall platform and persistent and big-hearted coder, mind you, that has opened up the doors for all writers to analyze their own stories with his designed Chrome extension. It’s a continuous work-in-progress he’s been working on all this time that deserves your attention, as other writers have already come across it, used it, and benefited from it, and have been able to give some great feedback to him in further refining the tool which in turn benefits all.

So join in the conversation and the (writers’) wave. We don’t see a better way than for a band of earnest writers who collectively want the platform environment and our individual earning environments to improve!

These monthly serial newsletters will be sent once per month as a culminated wrap-up of the month and also any breaking news or lessons of the current week. (The weekly wrap-ups will still remain weekly and found at the bottom of the publication’s homepage).

The format of these serial newsletters will be for the main purpose of providing you as much information as directly and in as little time as possible, as follows:

  • Breaking/Trending news (Including Key tools/lessons of the month)
  • Upcoming ideas, new information being researched for you
  • Calls-to-Actions

Let’s get right into the 4th newsletter info, here.

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