Whats Your Modus?
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Whats Your Modus?

Four Avenues of Respect

Showing respect for people during Covid-19

Respect for people is required to every manage a project, get work done, raise kids, continuously improve, be a professional, or survive a pandemic.

This is a quick video about four responses to Covid that show respect for people. Some by individuals, some by companies, but all by people.

The four items:

  1. nCovid2019 Live … High school brains helping us all solve this crisis.
  2. Captain Obvious … They benefit more than anyone from travel, and they are caring about their customers.
  3. Fitbit Premium … Keeping people active.
  4. The Entire City of Vancouver … Knowing who is keeping us alive and how stressful their work is right now.

That’s it for today.

Be kind to each other. Lift others through this.



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Jim Benson

Jim Benson

I have always respected thoughtful action. I help companies find the best ways of working.| Bestselling inventor and author of Personal Kanban with @sprezzatura