Whats Your Modus?
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Whats Your Modus?

The Isms of Schisms

Why You Think Meetings Suck

Meetings don’t suck, but the way you hold them does.

Everyone tells everyone else that they hate meetings.

In them we find many “isms”.

Windbagism, redundancyismism, and so on. Many of them. They sound silly to talk about, but they are deadly serious. They destroy value, crush careers, and generally make people want to punch each other in the throat.

We never actually sit down and ask ourselves … what are we trying to accomplish? are people excited to come to this meeting? do people actually talk or participate?

We do, however, ask the other questions… Why aren’t you participating? Why didn’t you say that in the meeting? or Why aren’t you awake?

This video is a lead-in to our new class on holding better meetings, but it is funny enough and direct enough to stand on its own.

Add more isms of your own in the comments.

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About Jim Benson

Jim Benson is the creator and co-author (with Tonianne DeMaria) of the best seller: Personal Kanban. His other books include Why Limit WIP, Why Plans Fail, and Beyond Agile. He is a winner of the Shingo Award for Excellence in Lean Thinking and the Brickell Key Award. He and Tonianne teach online at Modus Institute and consult regularly, helping clients in all verticals create working systems. He regularly keynotes conferences, focusing on making work rewarding and humane.



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Jim Benson

Jim Benson

I have always respected thoughtful action. I help companies find the best ways of working.| Bestselling inventor and author of Personal Kanban with @sprezzatura