A Night In Melbourne With Tash Sultana

April 2nd, 2017. I made my way to 170 Russell on the outskirts of Chinatown to see arguably one of the most talented and talked about new artists on the scene. By myself. This was a big night for me because it was my first time attending a gig on my own. I’d always thought I would be fine, I’d just enjoy the music and have a good night to myself, but let me tell you that it was super nerve-wracking. So, I decided to send a message to an old friend who happened to be a family member of Tash’s, and see if she was there, as I was feeling super uncomfortable standing at the bar by myself in silence, looking at Instagram for something to do. And next thing I knew, I was hanging out backstage drinking with the support acts. Here’s how it all went down.

Through sheer luck and not-so-strict security, I ended up backstage in the green room, drinking and laughing with people I had never met, and quickly realised were local psych rockers Ocean Alley, who had opened for Tash with a super fun set. For people I hadn’t really heard much of before, they did a really awesome job of getting the crowd excited and pleasing the audience. Sitting outside smoking and drinking, we all heard screams rising from inside and the opening notes of ‘Big Smoke’, and there she was. In all her bare-footed, dreadlocked glory.

Taken for Whatslively by Rob Birchall

In my eyes, Tash was born to perform. She is one of the most talented musicians I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. She does absolutely EVERYTHING herself. Watching her craft each track from scratch on stage is an amazing experience. She is a hilarious person and is really gifted at interacting with her audience in a relaxed, natural manner. It’s like sitting on a couch having a chat to a friend, except with a thousand other people. She invited her dad on stage to sink beer and do the splits, advised us all to “Be nice to everyone that isn’t Pauline Hanson, cos she’s just a fucking dickhead,” and played brilliantly. Of course, we were treated to favourites like “Jungle”, “Synergy” and “Notion”, and there were a few new tracks thrown in there too. It was an amazing set, and I would recommend that everyone who likes her stuff see her live, it’s a completely indescribable experience. Thanks for an amazing night, Tash. See you at Splendour.