Solving Time Tracking

Its 2017 and I am sure that everyone is now using Slack (well most of are). Since we all love Slack so much it makes sense that we want to do more and more stuff with Slack.

You know you can track your leaves, vacations, work from homes right from inside Slack using AttendanceBot. But now you can also track your time with AttendanceBot as well.

Continuing with the ethos of keeping things simple, we built time tracking as a robust yet approachable solution. Here is how it works — Just say “in” to punch in and “out” to punch out.

Clocking in
Clocking out

As always, you can generate reports or get quick check on who all are punched in. You can generate a detailed Excel (csv) reports or you can get a report for doing your payroll that lists the total hours everyone on the team worked everyday.

To summarize, with just two words — “in” and “out” we have transformed AttendanceBot from just leave tracking to now doing time tracking, generating timesheets and payroll. Bring on your 1099s, we are ready!