Online Buyer Persona

How might we help company finding opportunities based on user needs, problems and behaviors?

What We Did?

  • We did first look up analytics for finding different user types and analyzed insights from the prior user research
  • Then, we interviewed the buyers of each type (not more than 8 buyers in total), in order to understand their needs and problems. We were focused on their behavior in searching products, payment, and order tracking
  • We collected the data and synthesized the findings using Clustering and Affinity Diagram
Synthesizing the research findings
  • We made the report and delivered it to the company

What We Learned?

  • At first, we found it hard to communicate the persona within the organization. Some of the colleagues kept arguing that the persona is not valid, as we only interviewed 8–10 people. We keep educating them, that persona is used to inform, not to predict, thus we don’t need a large number of people
  • The whole research process took months until delivered, as we wanted to tackle lots of questions
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