Transaction Page Reskin

How might we reskin Bukalapak Transaction page without sacrificing usability and business metrics?

What We Did

  • We (PM, Asc. PM, Visual Designer and I) started with brainstorming session to define what business metrics to improve. Then, we collected whatever data we have on hands to support decision making. At that time I provided insights form usability testing
From usability testing, we found that participants were confused about 2 different places for payment tracking (Tagihan) and order tracking (Pembelian)
  • Then I facilitated a brainstorming for crazy 8, where we tried to explore possible solutions
The output from crazy 8
  • We did prototyping, user test, iterate, until the final product is developed


  • Overall increase in company’s GMV
We put Order Tracking “inside” the Payment Tracking to fit the user’s mental model

What We Learned

  • Instead of testing product when the visual design done, we should’ve tested it first with low-fidelity prototype to see what’s working good and what’s not, in the early stage
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