When I Was a Kid

Things were different

I was a beach babe

When I was a kid I was a beach babe.

I was really fat.

I knew there was something magical about music.

We wanted to be like Mike

I wouldn’t go anywhere without my Dawg Pound

Pinball was the only game machine

I wore a hipster trucker hat.

The world was sisterly secrets and silly hats.

I shaved my head and became a monk…

I had red cheeks and a pink tshirt

Our house was heated by a terracotta stove

‘Sleeping Lions’ was a game.

Broomstick ponies ruled.

I was a cowboy.

I took a bubble bath with Ernie

We were pirates at sea

Three piece plaid suits and big collars were in

We did crazy sh_t.

We believed in Jesus, Jehovah, Bigfoot, UFOs, Magic and the Antichrist. But mostly the Antichrist.

When I Was a Kid
When I Was a Kid

Things were different

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