Day 2: I knew only the groom

I knew only the groom. He knelt with her in white, green, and smiles. I observed their friends, shortened my breath. Their laughter, their familiarity and comfort, staked claim and crowded out. Looked upon, I grasped for why I was there.

And the sealing began — my first. A covenant between God and these two.

What were the words? Sent forth to begin, together . . . I felt something. Or something felt me. Later I’d attach labels — Spirit and confirm — and see proof. But it was this: rushing water and flood. All rivers overflowing banks. Anxiety never there to wash away; no me to look upon. Only this: two coming together, and it was and we were one. My joy both theirs and ours.

Five years later — my brother Josh, drunk and shining, gives spontaneous, uncharacteristic hugs at our brother Zack’s (secular) wedding. He says, honestly, I love weddings, and labels fall away.

(This is Day 2 of a 100-day project. For more about When I Was Mormon, read my introductory post.)