Day 43: Captain Picard vs. Captain Moroni — GO!

It claims Christianity in its restoration of Jesus’s ancient church (complete with modern-day apostles). Yet it also takes on the Old Testament, and very seriously: temples from Moses and Solomon, priesthood garments from Aaron and Levi, covenants (and plural marriage) from Abraham — even patriarchal blessings that reveal your lineage in the Twelve Tribes of Israel!

It’s intensely American, pointing to Missouri as the location of both mythic Garden of Eden and the yet-to-be-established New Jerusalem. It’s cosmological, assigning heaven a literal place among the stars. It’s corporeal, asserting the importance of the body, giving God himself a perfected version of our flesh and bones.

It’s this latitude and authority with which Mormonism speaks on any and all subjects that produces these wonderful things like Kolob, Zion, Heavenly Mother, the Second Anointing. These things that capture your imagination — my imagination. Like Vulcans, warp drives, and a United Federation of Planets.

(This is Day 43 of a 100-day project. For more about When I Was Mormon, read the introductory post. To access older posts, visit the archive.)