Try something different each day.

One Golden Rule of Habit Change

That’s true and that’s a fact: people don’t like to change their own habits. Instead of trying something new, we are often afraid doing it. This leads us to inactivity, a lack of creativity and an untold rule: « don’t take any risk ».

Life without risks is like a meal without friends, it has a different taste. Not tasteless, but somewhat different.

Imagine yourself in a restaurant, surrounded by people chatting and laughing while you’re alone at your own table. Some people really like it, most don’t. But why?

It’s just our vital need of something exciting to live.

Make it funny, make it big: make it happening. Don’t eat alone and don’t be afraid of trying something new.

Habits are like languages. Hard to learn but not so hard to forget (painful in fact, ‘cause we are proud to know & use it). Act like you’re learning a new language, act like you need it to make it work.

Most people’s habits have occurred for so long they don’t pay attention to what causes it anymore. That’s the real thing to deal with.

The best solution to change habits is to know why they exist. Maybe it was a long time ago, an easy and useful trick to get things done quickly. But now, tools have changed, technology have changed, people have changed. This is the golden rule to make things different.

“Know the habit’s origin to make it disappear”

Every habit has a reason to be. It’s good to have habits. But it’s better to change them as often as possible.

Don’t fall into everyone’s loop, live in your own custom loop.