On Our Own Terms

In 2001, I began my career in television news. I hit the air for the first time September 11, 2001. I was supposed to be at this station in a small city north of Toronto for a meeting, but by the afternoon was told the head network needed local reaction and I had to hit the road, along with my other coworkers. I will never forget that day.
I spent the next 10 years reporting and producing stories for that small station, eventually moving to the country’s top morning show based in Toronto as a news producer. My career was going great, and my family life too, as my husband and I welcomed a son.
I had my dream job and my dream family, but the scales were not balanced. When something great happened at work, my home life suffered and I found myself wanting more and more to be at home with my family. So, I walked away and tried, thinking I would work in public relations. I had many highs over the next four years, but even more lows. I took contracts and took permanent jobs. I was let go from two of those jobs, and I was humiliated.
After losing my job, I knew there must be something that would make me happy and give me the balance I so desperately wanted. I felt like I sucked at PR, but I was good at TV. How on earth would I get back there as the industry in Canada was shrinking? How could I still work in a career that I loved but still have time with my family? It was time to take matters into my own hands.
The idea hit me and my best friend, who also worked in TV, and before we knew it the ball was rolling. One day she said she was quitting her job! Enter our new venture: This Kinda Life and TKL Media.
From the moment we said, “Let’s do an online lifestyle show”, the offers came flooding in. Sponsors, guests, production requests and so much more. We accepted it all and couldn’t believe our luck. We were actually making a go at this, on our own terms, and loving it! We are not even finished our first year in business and we had the offer to work on TV again. We jumped at that chance. It was too perfect.
We work from 9:30am when we drop our kids off at school until 3pm when we pick them up. It’s busy afterward and on weekends too, but we are not bound to a clock, to overtime or to the grind and hustle of the newsroom. We choose our own path, and what a path it is!

Without losing my job — twice — I would definitely not be doing this. I am fulfilled, happy, busy, and most importantly, I feel like I’m not missing out on my family time. I thank those who gave me the boot. They forced me to realize my true potential.

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