Normalize Public Breast Feeding

The man and the women holding the baby are performing an experiment of breast feeding in public and the different responses they obtained from people.

Ever since I was a little girl women in my family always breast feed behind closed doors, in a bedroom or in a restroom. But as I’ve been growing up I realized that breast feeding is not something women should feel ashamed of doing in public because it is something very natural. I remember of a time I went to the store with my Dad, and our way back home we saw a family moving into a house near ours. My Dad offered to help the man move some heavy things into the house, so I waited for him in the living room with his wife. We were talking for awhile and the lady had her youngest child in her arms when suddenly she lifted her shirt and started to breast feed her right in front of me. At the time I was a young kid and did not know how I should feel or react, and back then it was not very common for women to breast feed in public like it is now. And now that I can think back about that situation I can understand and see that it was totally normal for her to breast feed her baby in front of me since the baby was hungry and it’s a natural thing that women do. However, I have also seen how people do not have a problem when celebrities or simply common women are half naked in public and sometimes they are showing their breasts. The singer and song writer Rhianna recently released the music video of one of her songs where she is wearing a see through blouse and you can clearly see her breasts. And there was no criticism towards her because people specially men as it as sexy and sexual, which is what they believe breasts are for. It’s really scary to live in a society where we accept women to be semi naked but we see a women that is feeding her child as wrong. I understand that some people are opposed to breast feeding in public because they are from older generations and see it as going against all morals but times have changed and there needs to be an understanding.

The photo above is from an experiment I found on Facebook, where a couple with a baby are in a public place and the women breast feeds the baby to see what kind of responses she gets from people. Then there is a women wearing a low cut shirt and shorts. The difference of those two women was that people saw that the women breast feeding her child in public was setting a bad example for children while the other women was receiving compliments from men and the women passing by her did not seem to have any problem with her and the way she was dressed. The experiement is helping people to realize that something needs to be done because it is not right. I for one do not want my younger cousins to think that it is okay to show your body in public if it is done in a sexual way but that it is wrong if a women breast feeds her child in public. Many people think that the women that are breast feeding in public are careless women, meaning that they are not profesionals, have poor family values, and morals. But nowadays many more women are breast feeding in public and in front of other people while trying to show that they are harding working mothers that deserve to be treated as any other person. As a women I want to be able to breast feed my baby whenever he or she gets hungry not only because it’s the right thing to do but because I have the right to do so. We need to teach our children that feeding a baby is not wrong and should not be banned because some people feel “uncomfortable.”

Everyone has the right to use public places as they please.

Mothers and babies have rights too, normalize public breast feeding.

This is a photo of a supermodel that proves that a women can breast feed her child at work and the people around her being totally okay with that.

Here are a few videos that I found to be very interesting on the topic of Breast feeding in public.

Sexy vs Breast feeding in Public (Social Experiment).
Breast feeding in Public (Social Experiment).