Taking a selfie is about self representation

Everyone in popular culture is taking selfies, it is a part of our modern culture that we do without any real thought really? However they do help promoted or represents the best way you would like to be represented. This in essence is a great way of showing agency. People generally take selfies and post them onto social media to show everyone what they look like at their best, and to show how we spend our time. They themselves take the slefie and it capture exactly the way that they want to be remember or the way they represent themselves. Taking selfies I feel can be used as learning tool, you can learn from every selfie as a self-reflection. To check the way you feel in a particular way and learn from that moment.

“Self Representation” how people define themselves. People whom self-represent are able to enthusiastically created an image about themselves that is constructed by them. https://medium.com/matter/selfie-fe945dcba6b0#.q8z1zwtic This article states ”I always felt such a discrepancy between the person I saw in the mirror and the person that showed up in photographs. But my selfies tell another story, one where the person I see and the person I feel that I am fuse in the same instant, one that feels closer to who I am, one that always ignites a flash of recognition when I revisit them (and as anyone who takes and posts a lot of selfies will tell you, going back to look at old photos can be as tender and thrilling as finding a diary).” Selfies can be constructed to represented who you want. They represent you the way you want to be represented. Self representation has important consequences for socio-emotional functioning throughout the lifespan.

Taking selfies for me now has become a fun way to show the world my confidence, personality and fashion sense. I occasionally take selfies, I usually say it is because I want to capture the moment, or show my friends on social media what I am doing. But to be truly honest I don’t know why I do it. I can say it’s to go long with the trend but I never been one to follow trends. I have never really asked myself why I take selfies till now. I think I really do it to show people who I really am. I am a woman with two kids that is happily married. When I take a selfies alone I want everyone to acknowledge that yes I am a mother of two amazing boys but first I am my own person. I want to show agency by capturing the way I see myself.

To capture this selfie I placed my iPhone 6s slightly lower then my face. In this selfie I was showing off my new hairstyle. I took three pictures this was the first one. I decide to make this my profile picture for Facebook.