Your Skin Color is Perfect!

Society Makes us hate ourselves!

My husband has a darker complexion than I do. Naturally both of our boys are not as light as I am. When our first son was born my sister Gloria was excited and happy, but with a sad look in her eyes said “Ay pobresito esta morenito” (Aww poor baby he is dark). It bothered me. I quickly replied, “My baby is perfect.”

So… why do people think light skin better than dark skin?

Well, we could say that the history of slavery in these places are what led to the views we have about skin color. We could get all heavy and say that not only has the history of colonization and oppression around the world led to a systemic negative perception of dark skin, but the media encourages the continuation of these groundless beliefs by repeatedly presenting and upholding one ideal standard of beauty.

Yup. OR we can cut through all that bullshit and get to the real reason why light skin is “better” than dark skin.

Here is comes… are you ready for it?

The reason why light skin is better than dark skin is because people are fundamentally stupid!

People often think that stereotypes are made by another race on their view of the race they are labeling. However the reality is that within the race stereotypes are created. Stereotypes such as light skin vs. dark skin within the Mexican community are dangerous, and it shapes how we view our people and ourselves.

Colourism is discrimination based on skin color, colourism is a form prejudice or discrimination in which human beings are treated differently based on the social meaning attached to skin color. The belief that white skin is the beauty ideal, and the most intelligent and desirable from of humanity, has led communities to face their won battles with discrimination.

I have three sisters; my older sister Daisy is a darker complexion then rest of us. Growing up the entire family alienated her for being dark. Often my mom’s side of the family would make comments like “you are pretty for a dark skinned girl.” Implying that it isn’t possible to be pretty and dark.

Often those who identify as Afro-Latino or “Morenos” are treated as outsiders in our communities because many Latinos, in their assimilation to white American culture, carry the belief that being black means you are dangerous, that having a darker complexion means you are less.

Let’s learn how to love your skin color!

Toning, brightening, and lightening… these are all words referring to skin bleaching. Yes believe it people use chemical substances to lighten their skin tone. Let’s forget about removing dark circles, bleaching and heavy make up. Learn how to love your natural skin tone and complexion…

Stop!!! Lighten UP

Some women with dark complexions feel the need to try to lighten up their skin. Many celebrities have been suspects of bleaching their skin! Let’s MAKE IT STOP!

Beautiful skin comes in every shade. Embrace the skin color with which you were blessed!

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