Earthly Dreams

What earthly dream can we behold,
That Heaven cannot render?
Yet Heaven’s best is stored for us,
If we behold its Sender.

What lowly prize of gold, bejewelled,
Would cause our hearts to treasure?
When in heaven awaits, a crown resplendent,
Of worth beyond all measure.

What mortal rose would we desire?
While heaven holds in splendour,
Endless fields, of flowers that bloom,
With fragrance pure and tender.

What miracle hath made me see,
That here on earth, remember,
Are poorly treasures, perishing,
While Heaven’s ones grow grander.

’Tis Heaven’s Love that showed the way,
That if I would be free,
I should, with Him, nail lowly things,
Upon the cruel, blessed Tree.

Written in/around 1999…