“Anxiety isn’t good with statistics.”

Part of an occasional series about phrases that this therapist finds himself repeating, often.

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As a clinician in private practice, one of the phrases that I frequently hear myself saying is this: “Anxiety isn’t good with statistics.” Usually, this phrase pops up when I am talking with someone about their worry that “x” is going to…




“Fear not.” “Do not be afraid.” “Peace be with you.” Phrases like these frequently appear in the Bible. Yet for many of us, something inside us is wary, ready for anything and everything to go wrong. These are our stories about navigating anxiety disorders and faith.

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Jason B. Hobbs LCSW, M.Div

Jason B. Hobbs LCSW, M.Div

clinical social worker, spiritual director, author, husband, father, son, runner in Georgia, co-author of When Anxiety Strikes from Kregel Publications.

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