Don’t let “chatbotcentrism” kill the chatbot star.

Jan 11, 2018 · 3 min read

Oops! Yes, we know, the tittle of this post could sound a bit controversial, the topic covered is also controversial. In today’s “customer care” there are coexisting a los of born in 20th Century companies as banks and others using all the existing customer care channels at a time, from the initial physical offices to last-coming chatbots and with call-center agents, IVRs, webs and apps in the middle.

It is clear that Chabot channel is becoming succesful and growing for many cases. Finally Chatbots are here and are here to stay.

There are enterprises born in the digital era with less customer care channels, basically apps, web and now chatbots and a few are purely a chabot driven business cases.

When an intensive in customer care vertical as banking, insurance, airlines or telco is pushed to adopt chatbot as new leading customer care conversational channels there is some temptation to forget about others. In Anbotux we are early believers in chatbots (the previous company of cofounders created an RCS -telco messaging- API gateway to create chatbots) but we think that best chatbots will be built if the approach is Customer-Centric and not Chatbotcentric. Most of analytics tools for chatbot only care about chatbot traffic but enterprises needs to know more about the customers and have a lot of info to enrich the knowledge and help to personalize and improve then the chatbot experience.

When we leave aside what happened in other customer care channels in the past and in parallel with chatbot usage we are we are throwing away valuable information. Analyzing a client based only on what happens when he chats with a chatbot causes us to lose information that could improve the own chatbot experience.

The point is about not moving away from a customer-centric approach for customer care even when a channel adoption will be rising meaningfully.

Anbotux platfom helps enterprises to improve chatbots and provide personalization tips just gathering chatbot, other customer care information and the enterprise defined customer segmentation and external contexts to try to correlate a myriad of phenomenas with customer initiated conversations. The point is about not moving away from a customer-centric approach for customer care even when a channel adoption will be rising meaningfully.

Customers with many years in a company and tens or hundreds of customer care information have provided an excelent “understanding” base to start personalizing chatbots from the beginning. Using some customer care archeology will help clients to feel understood by the chatbots, not only the language but the motivation, sentiment, and needs. Customer Behaviour Understanding is a key topic to help chatbots to get sticked to the customer-centric vision.

The best way of assuring the Chatbot success is keeping focused in the customer-centric approach.

Don’t let chatbotcentrism kill your chatbot star.

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Customer Mindset Analytics & AI based #digitalempathy rules…


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Customer Mindset Analytics & AI based #digitalempathy rules engine to boost LTCV

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