How to use Anbotux with Dialogflow

May 22, 2018 · 3 min read

We are glad to announce the interoperability between our Anbotux omnichannel customer-centric analytics helping to personalize chatbots with one of the leading chatbot platforms and Dialogflow, which is integrated with a myriad of messaging channels.

How to integrate is very easy and is showcased in this video:

Anbotux integration with Dialogflow chatbots.

The integration steps are:

  • Add the Dialogflow chatbot basic information and stepts/intent list using your Anbotux account with datamodel permission.
Intents in Dialogflow
Intents/steps labeled in Anbotux.
  • Create an Anbotux API user with permissions to feed the Anbotux chatbot interactions database.
  • Enable webhooks in the intents of your Dialogflow chatbot.
In the bottom of each intent page in Dialogflow.
  • In the Dialogflow Fulfillment section you may choose one of this methods:
  • Method 1: Use the inline editor to parse the data needed for Anbotux API call to report the interaction and invoke it (using Anbotux API key/secret).
example of integration code in the Dialogflow inline editor
  • Method 2. Use directly Webhook to receive in your server the raw data and parse and invoke the Anbotux API locally with your preferred programming language. Using webhook directly is preferable when needing to exchange a social identity by a customer ID more private.
Webhook used directly to receive the chatbot interaction to parse info and invoke Anbotux API locally.

You are ready now to see how chatbot interactions are being reported in the platform and you can get the metrics provided and also the benchmarks with other channels & flow-analysis.

As chatbot flows is being displayed the integration was succesful

With this integration we help enterprises with omnichannel customer care and also offering customer care with Dialogflow based chatbots to take the most of their investments by combining with Anbotux, a customer-centric oriented analytics platform and personalization capabilities (about empathetic content for chatbot and other channels and about chat-suggested style for chatbots).

Our recently launched private beta SaaS can help with the integration if you are using well Dialoflow, well other chatbot platforms. Trialing Anbotux is easier than you could imagine. You can ask for a workshop and a beta account at

We are working in integration procedures with other chatbot platforms to be announced soon. If you have a chatbot platform and are interested in interoperating and a potential partnership, you are welcome, let us know :-)

Also you can follow us: @anbotux and linkedin



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