How to use Anbotux with Hubtype chatbots and hybrid chat based customer service.

Sep 4, 2018 · 3 min read

In this post we will explain how easy is the interoperability between our Anbotux omnichannel customer-centric analytics, personalization & digital empathy platform with Hubtype chatbots and hybrid chat customer service.

How to integrate is very easy and is showcased in this video:

video showcasing the interoperability Hubtype-Anbotux

The integration steps are:

  • Add the Hubtype chatbot basic information and stepts list using your Anbotux account with datamodel permission.
list of chatbots in Anbotux
chatbot basic info
chatbots intent/steps and type.
  • Create an Anbotux API user with permissions to feed the Anbotux chatbot interactions database.
  • In the Hubtype chatbot file editor add in each intent the calls to Anbotux API.
in each step the info is reported to Anbotux before jumping to the next step.

You are ready now to see how chatbot interactions are being reported in the platform and you can get the metrics provided and all the visualizations to understand the different customer or customer-segment behavior.

We are particularly happy with this integration/interoperability as Hubtype has a unique approach of hybrid chat based customer service that would be the preferred for intensive in customer service verticals as banking, insurance, etc. In the case of hybrid approach Anbotux can measure the improvement of the ratio chatbot/human_agent interaction rate for each individual customer or by customer segment and help to decide if some individuals or customer-segments could be sent directly to the agent in order to avoid churn.

Also, the external context impact sensibilities can be displayed to the human agent chat desktop in order to help to understand in advance the worries or concerns of the customer.

Our recently launched private beta SaaS can help with the integration if you are using Hubtype. You can ask for a workshop and a beta account at

We are working in integration procedures with other chatbot platforms to be announced soon. If you have a chatbot platform and are interested in interoperating and a potential partnership, you are welcome, let us know :-)

Also you can follow us: @anbotux and linkedin


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Customer Mindset Analytics & AI based #digitalempathy rules engine to boost LTCV

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