How to monetize RCS MaaP telco messaging, the 4th way: premium enterprise cloud tools as CBU & enhanced analytics.

Feb 8, 2018 · 3 min read

It seems that finally, thanks to the partnership between GSMA and Google, RCS will take off. We remember the first attempts to launch RCS by telcos under the brand “joyn” as our cofounders then at Solaiemes created the first API to build chatbots with RCS before the big rise of current messaging incumbents (Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Viber, etc.). The telco fear to the autocannibalization and the aim to keep as cash-cow the SMS gave a big opportunity to OTTs to reinvent the messaging and to be the ones allowing rich chatbots reinventing the A2P messaging business. Now, GSMA and multinational telcos are finally moving to RCS and launching RCS MaaP initiative to reinvent and evolve the SMS A2P Business.

GSMA RCS A2P features for chatbots chart.

Now, the tricky point is monetization. When the messaging incumbents already offering for free or very affordable “business identities” and the API to create A2P Chatbots it will be hard to monetize only with the 3 monetization models proposed by GSMA to their mobile operators members due to the messaging channel high competitive landscape. The proposed charging models: event based (SMS model), session/conversation based and hybrid active user model could be a barrier to get brands betting first for RCS channel as they could have more initial reach and no costs with incumbent messaging apps. Telcos may realize finally that there is no a telco industry apart from connectivity, internet companies are also today communication companies and telcos might be internet companies and try to monetize with “internet services” as well.

In our opinion the best way to boost RCS usage and try to make it competitive for brands to create their chatbots there is delaying the charging of A2P messaging and focus in upsell complementary chatbot technologies as SaaS to make easier to create high quality chatbot experiences and also get the most from insights. Telcos could monetize reselling AI and analytics capatilities to the ones using RCS as chatbot channels. The 4th monetization way for RCS MaaP messaging is a myriad of technologies that can be offered through telco cloud SaaS as different vendor NLP (natural language processing) and in our case our CBU & customer-centric analytics platform.

product demo. See it live at MWC 2108.

In the coming Mobile World Congress 2018 Anbotux is exhibitor and apart of offering the Anbotux platform for telco customer care analytics and CBU for their own customer care chatbots will be unveiling the platform as white-label SaaS customer-centric analytics to improve the chatbot personalization and get additional insights by combining with other info sources easily loadable with our Anbotux platform APIs. The Anbotux approach keeps in de cloud individual but anonymized information as well as aggregated, totally compliant with GDPR and other local data privacy regulation, visual rich analytics and trend/pattern detecction. We are strong believers in RCS and also in the fact that communication monetization is moving to value added services around the communication itself and it is the reason we would co-create with telcos the 4th way of RCS MaaP monetization.

Let’s talk.

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