Hoffenheim’s Videowall Allows Instant Player Feedback

No longer do Hoffenheim’s players need to wait until after training for video feedback from their coach.

The 6x3-metre screen is plugged into the four cameras that record the team during training activities. In essence, the team have their own jumbotron, and they have full access to the remote control.

Previously, players would need to wait until after training for this footage to be cut up and dissected by the coach. Now, coach Julian Nagelsmann can analyze the scenario and articulate his thoughts in real-time, for all to see.

“We can leave the players in their positions during most match situations, but still show them solutions,” says Nagelsmann. “For this, I have an iPad in my hand that I can use to control the cameras. When I stop a situation, I have the opportunity to draw my solutions and suggestions for improvement all from the iPad.”

Bundesliga.com says that the club will unveil a larger, high-definition version in December, which will be almost double the size of the current screen.

As a coach, or a manager, the best time to deal with feedback is on the spot. However, we all know things get in the way. This innovative solution helps to get messages to the player faster, speeding up their on-the-job learning.