Photo by Carol Boroughs

A thousand ways to kiss the ground
I heard a friend just say
It seems at times there is just one
That’s right — ‘the only way’

Although it’s true that each of us
Has access to One guide
The voice it has, the way we hear
Feels more like seek and hide

There is in fact a thousand names
For joy and love and peace
We feel the truth in our own way
That is unique to each

I see it in the baby’s eyes
That gazes into mine
I see it in the greening tree
So gentle and sublime

I hear it in the poetry
That helps me find my ground
I hear it in the birdsong’s sweet
Transporting lilting sound

I smell it in the flowering rose
That opens up my heart
I smell it after rain is spent
Nature as work of art

I taste it in my salty tears
That flow when life is hard
I taste it in my mother’s cake
Love baked in with the lard

I feel it in my husbands arms
Where I know I’m at home
I feel it in my boys’ sweet charms
That cause my heart to glow

It is there in the Universe
wherever we might look
It is there in the sages verse
and pages of their Book

And most of all it can be found
Although it seems to hide
That thing we seek — that love and joy
That treasure lies inside

- Elizabeth Lovius — London in a taxi on the way to the airport May 2019

Interestingly this tumbled out of me on my way to the airport after I had just been locked out and the neighbours helped me to get back in the house (again).

Gratitude is a great muse… Also inspired by Rumi, Lian Brook-Tyler, The Work of Byron, Katie Abbott, Carol Boroughs, Zia Rampton and my family and my Mum’s cooking

And my best book buddy cheerleader and honorary little sister Kat Chidiac who constantly encourages my artistic work.



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Elizabeth Lovius

Elizabeth Lovius

Read about your innate wisdom and wellbeing. You might be surprised where you can find it. And some Poetry which touches the parts nothing else can quite reach.