Photo from Unsplash by Isi Parente

From bed to bath and back again
I seek and sometimes find
A kind of freedom from the pain
From mental fights of mind

It is oblivion I seek
I want to turn away
Whenever I am feeling bleak
Don’t want that thing to stay

I want to run away and hide
I want to be alone
I want to wait til it subsides
I want to numb this tone

This dark and cloudy heavy thing
This dreadful, noiseless noise
No comfort does the silence bring
Not even little joys

For I am running from myself
Whatever won’t be held
My life, my mind, my state of health
Is captive til compelled

To be allowed in all it’s wild
To be at last set free
My shout, my pain; I need this child
To be allowed to be

These creatures of the shadow realm
Unease and guilt and shame
Unwillingness and overwhelm
Resentment, fear and blame

These creatures need a gentle hand
A warm and fragrant bath
A soft sweet welcome place to land
A greeting and a laugh

Until they’re safe to really feel
And let themselves be true
To touch the deepest, real-est real
We have to go there too

Maybe to go so dark and deep
The balance must be found
Awake must have the peace of sleep
The up must find the down

It is in quiet and in rest
The little shoots can grow
Indeed the bed and bath are best
For taking it real slow

And in that underworld I see
Not demons spewing fire
Just little orphans longingly
Asking for love not ire

When we can welcome night and star
The lightness and the shade
We know ourselves as ALL we are
Indeed; perfectly made.

• April 2021

On holiday I always spend the first week probably just lying down somewhere with some light entertainment.

It seems to me that this is the perfect phase One before phase Two kicks in: the real deep rest, the soft and the wisdom of seeing what is real — to heal and let all of ourselves just be. All of ourselves to be welcome.



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Elizabeth Lovius

Elizabeth Lovius

Read about your innate wisdom and wellbeing. You might be surprised where you can find it. And some Poetry which touches the parts nothing else can quite reach.