Lazy Dinner with a dash of creativity

Throwback Sunday

Circling the vege section at City’super, I was waiting for inspiration to strike.


So I drifted off to the meat section. Normally I go for the sliced pork, but today, discounted… Ok, let’s give it a try: a Fresh-to-Go duck egg yolk iberico pork meatball pack. *drool*

Inspiration then came from the corner of my eye— coleslaw pack from the salad section. No cutting, just colorful: makes for a perfect instant noodle topping.


  1. In the pot for cooking the ramen, pan fry the meatballs. Set aside.
  2. Boil ramen til 80% done. Drain.
  3. Cook soup base, add coleslaw vege and cook until soft.
  4. Finally add the ramen back in, boil, then serve. Top with the meatballs.

Done under 15 mins. Only a pot to clean :)

I have this rule of thumb with cooking: three is the magic number. As in, any dish with a minimum of three toppings make for a 豐富 or complete meal. Two just doesn’t quite cut it.

The small meatballs are kind of like this, but in a tray of 9 meatballs.

The ramen was good too in that I wasn’t craving for a coke after. None or little MSG. It comes in a 5-pack from Jason’s Supermarket.