Noticeably happier skin — I confidently recommend it

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After all these years — a skincare my skin likes.

With dermatitis and sensitive skin (when living in Hong Kong), having tried everything from aromatherapy concoctions and homeopathic skincare, to the niche-est both mainstream and organic, nothing really agreed with my skin. To cut to the chase — after years of searching, I believe my skin has found its love: Odacité. (Audacity anyone?)

Founded by a French lady living in US, Valérie Grandury, who birthed Odacité out of a promise she made to minimize exposure to toxins — not just what one eats, but also what one applies onto the skin — on her journey of recovery from breast cancer. (Parabens and preservatives have a direct link to breast cancer she found, and was in a high-end swiss skincare she had used. — from interview)

The Origin# tells of the extraction, cultivation methods, and countries of origin. Wild crafted is most potent, then organic and so on. All cold-pressed.

Skincare is tricky when natural/organic.

From experience, many organic or natural brands are lacking in efficacy. Either the improvements plateau, or the textures or absorbancy tests one’s patience. Odacité manages to overcome these limits.


I stumbled upon Odacité at SUPERSNATURAL. My skin was still acting up a bit, so I picked the IMMORTELLE Hydrating Mist. (I have an affinity for IMMORTELLE from my aromatherapy-training days.)

The mist is awesome. Hydrating while staying light. I like it for this dry winter weather. Apparently it has only just launched!

Light-weight cream and face serum on left. Lovely hydrating mist and eye serum on right.

I was given a sample serum to try — the Camelina-Chamomomile Ca+C. Tried it out for a week. My skin’s hydration and texture noticeably improved, so I went back for a real bottle and their light-weight cream, which quickly got slurped up by the skin.

So voila, my first ever recommendation for a skincare product. One that I am confident to recommend.

For those in Hong Kong, get Odacité at SUPERSNATURAL. And those in the US, get it online: www.odacite.com (free shipping over very reasonable amount)

Pricing reference:
Hydrating Treatment Mist 50ml: HK$360
Face Serum 5ml: HK$340
Eye Serum 5ml:HK$380
Light-weight cream 50ml: HK$580

The price in HK is comparable to the US online price (accounting for tax).

“(I am proud of all our skincare solutions) We get emails every day to let us know how the products have transformed people’s skin. This is exactly what skincare should do: create skin that helps you feel more confident about yourself. This makes me so happy because we all know that glowing skin can make a difference in the way your see your day!” — from interview with Valérie Grandury.

Notice: Serums of most brands typically come in 15ml. These Odacité ones come in a third of the size. The reason is two-fold. ONE: To keep the oils fresh by reducing oxidation. TWO: To encourage customised use of one of 18 serums to address a specific skincare need. For example, if you need an extra hydration boost, you could use the Po+R straight, and layer your regular cream+oil.

It’s all in the details: I was really surprised to find Odacité’s use of dark, violet-black bottles, which I presume are MIRON Violette glass bottles. It’s the same bottles used for energy sprays, like Aura-soma, for those who care about the energy of products. And again, there is a energetic quality to the color violet for those who understand.

Have fun with them!

Age-defying/Hydration/Firmness/Sensitive/Devitalized/Oil Combo — customise your skincare.

Get to know more about the founder Valérie Grandury’s journey here:

1/F Harvey Nichols Beauty
The Landmark 
Central, Hong Kong

All products were paid out of pocket. A piece by a happy customer as she knows that many more would enjoy Odacité as much as she does.