Gonco, Platon, and Marcos, The Lustful Ones

Hard to resist

Initial note: *Forgive me for writing it subjectively and too emotionally, just because I can’t help myself*

It was 10 pm. Here come three sweet smiley Latinos from Spain bringing a little mess from the haggling and fussy taxi driver, while we were about to start our motorbikes’ engine ready for the night track ride. Nah, it was actually because we were bored of waiting for them in the house, we decided to go to our favorite café. After cleaning up the mess and putting their backpacks in my 18+ room, they accepted our invitation to go for a sip of coffee and dinner.

They looked nice. A cure for our trauma of the last c*ckhead.

There was also Erisa impatiently ready to take one of the guys. An introduction to the personal three hot guys started here. They were (from left to right) Gonco the geeky biologist, Platon the beardy farmer, and Marcos the teacher (instead of prince) charming. Wait, all of them were charming though. Ehm…. *wipe the running sweat*

Best latte art ever

“Is it me the only one who has dirty mind about the coffee?” he asked right after me talking about the same thing to Lita in our own language. The café latte ordered by Marcos broke the icy night with our extremely loud laughter. It looked like a penis for God’s sake. I think he made the barista turned on and fantasizing. The night continued in The Beatles’ Pub until they’ve had enough and ready to the bed.

Lita had gone to the office early. I woke up a bit late, I wasn’t feeling as good as any other morning. I caught a flu. When I was about to unlock the door, I saw these men topless, unintentionally I swore to God. Marcos covered his lower part of his body with towel after bath, Gonco lying on the mattress with his underpants, and Platon in the bathroom (peeing maybe, I wasn’t pretty sure what he was doing) and let it open. I shouted, “Oh, I’m sorry!” I was hoping they didn’t see my face turning red. Their bodies were looking sooooooooooo damn goooooood with their body hair. I am truly weak before this kind of body. Dear God, I was shy yet suddenly feeling ok at the moment. (dear self, you’ve never been this crazy)

Lita texted me not to work. I refused. I refused. I refused. I ate my meds and took a multivitamin to stay alive that day. I told her that I was awfully nervous and awkward around these men. I needed to go to the office as soon as possible to escape from them. She laughed so hard on the message. Fvck you dude.

Lita wanted to be in the office very soon so badly as I texted and sent her candid photos of them in the office.

“Excuse me! Is it the recommended and reliable travel agency to book a tour?” Gonco shouted from the doorstep.

“You come to the right place, Mister. We’re trusted travel advisors. How can I help you?” I replied him with a wide smile and a little sweet laugh.

They successfully came to our office without getting lost on their way. Our Beyonce look alike friend woke up from her dream right away when she heard us talking. While they’re discussing about the temple tour they’re going to book, we talked about how hot these men were. Of course in the language they don’t understand. We happily explained everything they needed to know. How cheap we were. Oh, nooooo!

I didn’t know whether we spoke clearly or not because we couldn’t concentrate and focus on what we talked about, like, at all. Blame them who made us so!

These men also had one thing in common. They liked scratching their body as they’re talking. Dudes, please. The time they spent in our office make us sweating more although we’re under the AC. *water please*.

I don’t want to mention that when they’re gone, we stalked on their profile on fb, but I do.

So, we made a deal to meet somewhere for dinner. We agreed to pick them up in front of Vredeburg fort. We took them to, yes, you know it of course, our favorite food stall. I and Lita went home to change our uniform with other decent clothes. Risa was all touched up with her best make up and clothes. As we did the food and talk, we were entertained by a street magician.

What we did next was almost ruining our good evening. Marcos wanted to ride a colorful becak in south square of Yogyakarta City. We hop on one becak and drove it energetically while screaming the songs we played on it. They started acting crazy and uncontrolled when Platon was dancing while standing on the edge of the becak and rocked it. I yelled at him. I never expected that this calm guy could do this. Once more they’re messing around with the slow traffic when they stopped in the middle of the road just to ask a light for their cigars to people on the street. And once again I yelled and got mad at them. I wanted them to stop immediately. Luckily, Lita didn’t join because she had a sore on her foot. I bet she will be even more furious than me.

It was Platon who was with me when going home. I said sorry for yelling at him because we were troubled by the crazy dckhd who did the same thing before. I didn’t know what the other girls said to the other guys.

A little silence occurred at the night in our felix domus. I hated it. But, Marcos and Lita once again successfully broke the ice. We spent the last night they had by watching a movie. Not too long when the situation turned stable, we’re off to bed because they had to rise very early to catch the couch to the temple we booked for them.

At 3.30 am, I still didn’t hear them rushing, so I decided to knock their door (Yes, I was responsible for their tour because the booking was under my name). Platon opened it, and just like what I saw the past day, they were only on their underwear. But I wasn’t stupefied like before. I was smarter. No, I need to continue my wet dream with them. Haha, of course not again. I felt more unwell.

Boys will be boys, they turned my room into hell.

As they’re back from the temple, I had my back rubbed tenderly and my hair stroke softly by Gonco, knowing I was ill. Oh, it felt so good. *Can I have it a little longer? My inner devil said* Hehe. Please forgive me, my dear God.

When Lita was going to call the taxi for them, I asked them their photographs for my small project on a travel based stuffs (It’s really not something, yet) after they finished packing their belongings, — my heart must be packed on their backpacks.

Holy motherfckr, Gonco!
Just a normal pose

But Gonco’s response never crossed my innocent mind. “With all my pleasure, clothes on or naked?”

“Naked”, promptly said my subconscious mind.

But first, let me take a wefie!

He shouted to the other guys in Spanish. He suddenly came standing in front of me, unzipped his pants, and dropped it down. He looked out at the house and shouted hi to no people passing. This guy was completely insane. I pressed the shutter quickly before he put his pants back on.

Click, click, click. We’re done taking pictures and a wefie. We (we? I) hardly bid them goodbye. Ooo, adios Latinos!

Can I ask crazy people like these dudes for more? :p

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