Pablo and Dario, The Suckers

These Latinos came by at our office and put their huge carriers and bags while they’re going around the city. I was extremely sleepy at that sunny afternoon that I needed to go home and fuck my bed, so I took their hand bags and laptops home. All I know was they’re home with Lita and my other partner in crime, Hima, after Lita’s family went home.

We were starving and craving for something to break our fasting, so we dragged them on motorbikes to go with us. I ordered my favorite dishes, sate kere made of cow’s fat. Sadly, Pablo is a huge missed steak aka vegetarian. Dario was my next victim. I forced him to munch these oily and yummy sate. He looked fine. I think.

We ended up spending the night at The Beatles Pub for beers, shisha, and cigarettes, without Lita, because she was unwell. Dario said he stops smoking, but he sucks shisha anyway. Seriously dude?! We sat for half an hour, then a neat guy with glasses came to the waiter looking for a friend (or me, hihihi). I knew he was the Tobias, German guy who wanted to stay in our felix domus.

So we sat together and had good drinks, loud laughters and lovely chats about toilet, bowel movement, cigars, and introduction to Indonesian cultures like a bunch of scholars. It didn’t last long because in a moment later a police told us that there will be a raid by Islamic activists in all pubs late at night. It’s Ramadan, there shouldn’t be any pubs/clubs open and sell beer. Oh, we’re dead!

We were told to stay inside with the pub’s door locked. Dario’s face turned frantic as hell. He was probably afraid of being kidnapped and raped. Pablo really couldn’t wait to punch the activists’ faces. These people were afraid they couldn’t go home. It’s only Tobi who didn’t really care and wanted to ask the activists for wifie. I thought he’s already drunk atm.

We were locked inside with other people. We’d rather go home early than spending our entire night being locked inside the pub sleep and sleeping with the bottles. We sneaked out of the pub, asked the waiter to unlock the door and, pulled our gas back home.

“We survived. We’re home safe and sound, you’re my hero”, shouted Pablo to me.

Yes, at least you’ve got a story to tell, dudes.

What Lita think about them:
Pablo: short version of Paul Walker (hahah), cool, funny.
Dario: quiet, but not sure if he’s really quiet or he doesn’t know *giggle*

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