The Brutal Flirter : Martin

It’s hard to get this kid stood in a proper way and smile for the camera, but there you go.

Martin stayed at someone’s place, but after exchanging messages with me, decided to hang out at our lovely sanctuary.

Oh yes he is brutal. He flirts with everyone, regardless their status, gender, or sexual preferences. Hahahahah (Sorry Marts!)
I like the way he laugh, I like the way he walk, I like the way he speaks and moving his hands. Everything about him, we like.

We took him to our favorite eating place that we went to with Basak and Sergio, and Martin indulged himself in an Indonesian food fiesta. He is like a proper girl, the way he moves were waaaaaaay smoother than all of us mixed together.

He spent most of his time in Jogja to be with us. Only small amount of time he spent for himself and his host, and we were glad because of it.

You can check his adventure in Asia by clicking hier.

What Imeh thinks about Martin :

  • Flirty
  • Funny
  • Nice
  • He knows what ‘shy’ is (damn!)

What Erisa thinks about Martin :

  • Funny
  • Shy-kind-of-person
  • He eats a lot!
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