The Crazy Kid : Asier

“Hi Lita, I am already in your neighborhood! Kota Museum” txted Asier. I was just got back from a visit to a museum with my boss and the other girls when he txted me. I was wondering, where the hell is Kota Museum. I txted him again and asked, and he replied, “I am sitting in a circular, white museum that is closed” and with that, off I went to pick him up.

He sat there right under the flagpole, drawing the Museum from afar, and I took a peek over his wonderful drawing. Too bad he couldn’t draw a sketch of human face, otherwise you’ll be seeing a sketch of me in this blog instead of his goofy picture ;)

Asier is a photographer. He identified himself like that. During his trip in Indonesia, he was doing a project that has to do with illegal mining. He camped near craters like any other miners, and smells just like one. Along his trips to SEA, he also went to other countries and took pictures there. He posted all the photos and stories behind it on his blog.

We took him to our favorite food vendor, ate and found out that he liked catfish. His appetite was amazing, and to me, I love seeing all my friends and family eat like a beast. It’s much better than eat small and once a day.

He went to Borobudur Temple, and managed to snagged the cloth they gave you to wrap yourself in during your time there. When he innocently told us how nice Borobudur was, we asked what happened and he showed us the cloth, proudly.

Good job, Asier! Now, let’s get you move to another site and snagged something off again!

“Nobody told me to return it, so I brought it home. Nice, isn’t it?” he said. We sat there looking at him with mouth open.

“Asier, you cannot bring it home. It was only for you to wear at the temple, and at the end of your visit, you have to give it back to someone” I explained.

“I don’t see anyone. It’s not my problem, because no one asked me to return it, so I don’t” he keeps being annoying little child.

“He is soooo like Reza” said Imeh. I giggled, my mind wander back at our beloved friend, Reza. He is annoyingly funny and whenever I am around him, I will totally peed myself out of laughter.

The day change d and we found ourselves sitting in the living room of our whare oaoa (we have so many names for our house, but this one is my favorite, go figure!), deciding what to do for tonight, when my nose caught on some funny smell. Well it was sulfur, because Asier+mining=no bath for years.

“Asier, have you washed yourself? I told you to do it, didn’t I?” I asked him.

He looked at me and said, “yeah I did. Why?”

“Something is not smelling good” then I touched his hair. It was oily, and then I smelled it.

“Asier, you didn’t wash your hair, did you?”. Touching his own hair, “I did!”. I sat down and said, “No my darling you didn’t. Look! Feel it! It’s damp and oily and smells like sulfur! Get a shower!”.

He shook his head and said, “I will but you have to wash me”.

So I stood up, and went to the bathroom, turned on the lamp, and summoned him. He took off his shirt and bent over then I started washing his hair. Just like all the salon ladies do to their loyal customer, washed their hair gently.

Blurry face because when you’re hungry you get blurry

Late night, we went to McDonald’s and continued chatting about stupid shits that we had experience. He left us the previous morning and I haven’t heard from him since, but couple of days ago he txted, saying that it will be his last time using his Indonesian number, so we decided to call him.

“Asier, do you still remember me?” Imeh asked him over the phone.

“What?” he said. I giggled and Imeh repeated her question, “do you remember us?” and Asier said, “Yes, the two crazy girls that took me to McDonald’s late at night, right?” and our laughter broke that time. We chatted briefly (with me remind him to take showers or he’ll kill someone on his flight with his smells) and hung up.

What I think about Asier :

  • Friendly
  • Childlike
  • Smart
  • Nice
  • Make good photos

What Imeh thinks about Asier :

  • Goofy
  • Nice
  • Stupidly silly

Overall, I’d love to have him around again although this time, he has to smell good for it!

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