The Hipster : Jesse

Oh, where should I begin with this kid?!

He wrote me in a hipster way and because we are sort of anti-shitty-hipster (no offense, hipster around the world, i still love mainstream music and pop cultures) I sort of rejected him when he wanted to stay with us. He wrote me back, he said doesn’t matter, but he wanted to meet up.

Wolverine-like smirk

He stayed with someone but turned out that person was a shitty person, so he asked if he could stayed with us one night, and after we OK-ed, he moved. That one night lasted for five days.

He moved with us and we taught him how to swear in Indonesian, the place we love to go and eat, had fun in the park, and we adored the way he studied, either in the dining table or in the room. He’s not the typical kid that goes on a holiday and leave their books around, he is the diligent type of kid.

Mega dinner for five!

Of course we have to introduce every one of our guests to Erisa and Dila (known as Beyonce, k). Since Bey used to work as a chef in a restaurant during her time in Bali, we decided to have a dinner for us all. We went to grocery store and bought all the ingredients that we needed, with Jesse tagging along and had what he wanted. We cooked a mass amount of pasta suitable for 10 person and we ate half of it (I still had the leftover of cooked pasta for couple of days and Imeh got sick of pasta when we went out and saw it in cafe or restaurant (I love pasta to bits, so no pasta ignored).

Happy (hungry) face of us all!

“What is that?” he said, pointing one particular torn off pants that we hang in the wall with such proud. “Is that belong to a man?” he asked again. Imeh and I laughed, especially because that pants held such a memories for us all. We explained what we did with the pants, and out of the blue he said, “I’d love to try it” and we shook our heads. “No, we had fun with it but It’s enough” Imeh said to him. “We will accompany you to the mall but we will dress like normal people” I said. He thought about it for a second (like, really, a second) then nodded. Imeh and I looked at each other, holding our laughter.

He really meant it. He went to used-clothes stores and grabbed couple of old shirts, even when we told him we already had couple of shirts and used shorts available. After he chose his own outfits, he showed it to us (while we were trying our best to hold our pee and laughter) proudly.

We seriously need a diaper that night for this little wolverine/madman. Jesse with his choice of outfits (and our mighty pants!)

I couldn’t say anything apart from the laughter and tears and tummy-ache and hair pulled in disbelief over Jesse.

ready for some actions at the Mall. Left pic: me teaching him how to be a total hillbilly. Right pic: finished his dinner neatly

He acted like crazy guy, he did. We maintained our distance when he wander around the mall, and I tried my best not to pee. When it comes to laughing, I’ll do it best. Even unfunny stuff can turn into funny shit for me.

During our time at the mall, I had to spoke to the security guards to ensure them that Jesse is not a lunatic (well, he is!) wandering alone at the mall. I started to panic when I saw couple of guards walking in unison and pointing at Jesse. After I explained that it was all just a stunt, they understood.

[I am laughing so hard with Erisa right now because I had to remember everything in order to write a proper story, resulting in me peeing twice during writing]

After walking around, we decided to wrap it up, especially because it’s almost the closing time for the mall. Jesse walked around and decided to sat on a bench between a guy and a hijab-wearer lady and a sixty-something lady. Our eyes glued to him from afar — we didnt want to come up closer and laughing like a mad man.

Later after we arrived at home, he told us what was happening, because, two minutes after we watched him sat down on the bench, suddenly he stood up, turned himself around while looking at us with a smile, and one second later, he pulled down his pants, and showed everyone the glory of his grey boxer, that sadly we didn’t get to photograph or witness, because when that happened, we turned our own back and running, scared of the authorities chasing us because of that perverted incident (yes people, pulling down your pants to show your crotch is a perverted act and punishable by law!)

“I was speaking to the guy and he couldn’t believe I was wearing a woman’s dress, so I stood up, and wanted to show him that, but the dress tucked in my boxer, so when I pulled it down, I thought the dress would flew down but it wasn’t. I pulled up my pants and running to catch you guys” he said, explaining about his crazy act once we arrived home.

Just a behind the scene pictures…

For us, that crazy thing we did make Jesse’s stay extremely memorable. He is easy to handle, doesn’t require such maintenance.

What Imeh thinks about Jesse

  • Crazy
  • He doesn’t think
  • Spontaneous
  • He doesn’t know what “shame” or “shameless” means. He just does it
  • Nice

What I think about Jesse

  • Easy to care
  • Doesn’t require high maintenance
  • Listen to what I said (now now, I sound like a mother)
  • Nice kid

Before he went back to his country, he greeted us in the morning, “hey guys, I’ve cleaned the room yeah” without us nagging him to clean it :)

Hopefully more Jesse or Sandra shows up in the future, or even better, crazy couple like we had before

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