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Hopeful in July

An update from your Editor

Dear readers and writers of wwtg,
wherever you are in the world, grab your drink of choice and join in. Kick up your feet and unwind into your place of comfort. Chuck on your mellow tunes and let yourself drift with it. Take that thirty minutes you’ve dreamed of all day and do that thing you love. Life is yours in this moment. Bathe in it.

While many things are uncertain, hope remains the same. Brimming in our cups and filling us with a base that is always welcome. A home to turn to when the world is in a complete shambles. Yes, hope is what I’m feeling and I’m putting it out into the world this month.


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I suspect the last few years have lifted a veil for many across the globe. A wake up of cataclysmic proportions, an enforced break from all that we knew and loved, a test of breaking our barriers and pushing on. Some might say, it pulled us out of our comfortable and social nest, forcing us into the darkness of loneliness. Others would contest, arguing the change has enabled them a safe space to rest and heal, to truly think about what matters. One thing is for sure, this has shaken us to our core.

Personally, these last few years have triggered a massive journey of change for me. I won’t bore you with the specifics, but somewhere in-between the gloomy winters, scathing, bush fire summers and scary lockdowns, all the things that lingered on my “eventually” list, seem to have somehow landed, smack, bang, in the middle of my “to do” lap. This may include, a new partner, a child of the furry kind, leaving a corporate job for a role in the community sector, and kicking a 15-year-old habit.

And much like life in its realness, most of the above came at a cost. I’m not without my failures, and rejection seems to rear its head on the regular when I shift my focus to making it in this literary world. But what can I say? this is true wild flower form, all or nothing. Always willing to kick it, to risk it for a biscuit.

Anyone who reads my work, understands that, creatively speaking, I often pull from the dark to step into light. I consider triumph a lifelong journey, I believe darkness exists so that we may find the light. Well the recent revelation in all this, is that the key to it relies on hope. The foundation with wings, capable of transporting addiction to recovery, depression to happiness, and pain into love. Yes, hope is as necessary as the air we breathe, and I for one, have recently understood this is not something I’m willing to part with. Instead, I invite it in, let it dine with me when I need it. You never know what might knock on your door when you believe it is possible.

To that end, I invite you to do the same. Let us ponder on all things hope. finish that thing we’ve been wanting to try, give ourselves a pat on our back for enduring the strangest couple of years this world has ever seen. Yeah, we have a lot of misery, but there is always hope.

Remain wild, hold onto your dreams and dig in.

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A reflection in Nature (interesting throw back):

A mighty Grip:



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Wild Flower

Jess is my real name. Writing from sandy shores in-between the chaos of life. Community worker by day and P o e t e s s all other times. Journey with me.