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Updated as of July 2021

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General Submissions Now Open.

Welcome to Where Wild Things Grow. This publication follows the theme of wild. Think nature and our connection to it, the safety of a tree, or the sound of crashing waves. Think authentic growth (not listicles or self-help articles, sorry). Here, I prefer work that expresses the real you, the authentic you, the you that yearns to step out and be proud of your wild. Think connection to an undeniable source, the magic in nature, your unconventional magical powers, and your silent suffering.

Sometimes this may mean your work is revealing the pain in your chest, the rumbles of darkness in your belly, the sweet, sweet, taste of falling in love or overcoming that fear that has taunted you. Sometimes, this will represent a stream of consciousness that doesn’t hold back on the realness of the moment. This could be funny or heart-breaking. Here, we aim to explore ourselves, we’ll be raw and vulnerable but dedicated and authentic.

The Obvious Rules:

  1. Please do not submit work that has been published elsewhere on Medium
  2. Please do not submit more than once in response to a current prompt and more than twice in a two week period. (unless it is seriously wild and comes with a latte).

This publication will not accept any racist, homophobic, hate-based, or distasteful sexually orientated material. I want this to be a safe space for our inner wild to be released, this is a place for growth and honesty. Please accompany your work with your own original photography/art/image and label it appropriately.

What Not to Submit:

This publication will not be accepting listicles, click-bait, self-help, tech, start-up, or poetry without a distinctive message.

I may not be able to personally respond to each submission, though I will aim to. I know how it feels or be rejected, so I will do my best to ensure my feedback is respectful and helpful if it is not accepted.

Please do not add pointless words to your submission to purely add reading time. We are not about that here, keep it real, please.

No plagiarism, no exceptions.

What to Submit:

My niche is poetics, but I admire all manner of creative works, provided it is edited well. Got an idea that is a little left field? hit me up.

Some examples of incredible work that has been submitted so far. Please familiarise yourself with our current work to ensure it is the right fit for you before submitting.

New Writers:
Please send your submission to Include a link to your Medium draft and a little information about why you wish to join the publication. If accepted, I’ll reply and add you as a writer. Once added you can submit directly.

Please send me your best work, this means edited and well thought out. I would prefer to spend my creative time slot captivated in your work without the need for too much editing, though you can be assured I’ll only be publishing quality work.

Any questions or comments let me know below or in private if you prefer.

Spread the word and let’s get wild up in here.

Please note, I’m kindly suggesting all images be author created in future submissions. I truly believe this will keep our work original. If you cannot come up with something that is suitable or you need help in creating something, my door is open, just be mindful that I am a one-person editor for now.

I’ll aim to maintain a publishing schedule of twice weekly. Please remember I’m based in Australia, so our time zones may be different.

About the Editor
Wild Flower (Jess Banks) is an Australian-based writer. Lover of coffee, chocolate, and rum. Excited by nature, adventures, and poetics. Still discovering who she is and openly writing about her faults and triumphs.
© WF, 2021.




An esoteric mix of poetics

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Wild Flower

Wild Flower

Jess is my real name. Writing from sandy shores in-between the chaos of life. Community worker by day and P o e t e s s all other times. Journey with me.

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