Two Transfer Students & A Cat Skeleton

“I am kind of surprised because I did not expect to have a foreign exchange student (as a roommate) but it’s pretty cool and different.”

— Sierra Delaney

In Brooke Tower residence hall, two transfer students are living together for their first time. Sierra Delaney, a wild life and fisheries major and junior from U.S and Jiayi Sun, a social work major and junior from Shandong, China.

They have different lifestyles: Sierra likes playing online games with friends and Jiayi reads a lot. Jiayi described Sierra is little bit shy but she knows how to take care of others. Jiayi says everytime Sierra goes home to visit she returns with small gifts for Jiayi such as a blanket or home-made cookies.

While Brooks Tower is convenient for Sierra because most of her classes are at Evansdale Campus, it’s less so for Jiayi with downtown campus classes.

“At first I wanted to choose a downtown dorm room but there were too many applicants and I did not be chosen,” said Jiayi. She’s now in a predicament because she thinks she has a very nice and considerate roommate, and it might not be the case with another roommate if she moves out.

How to commute to WVU campus?
: By PRT and City bus.

How do you communicate with each other?
: We have a completely different classes schedule but we will meet for lunch every weekend to talk.

How are the utilities in Brooke Tower?
: We only have public restrooms and bathrooms. There are two beds, two wardrobes and two study desks at room. We also have one study room on our floor.

Rent: $2655/semester per person

— Sijie Yuan(Andy), junior
 West Virginia University
 Fall, 2016

Contact: Sijie Yuan(Andy) on Medium or @Andywvu on Twitter.

Sierra Delaney, a junior of wild life and fisheries major, plays Xbox games online with her friends on a Thursday night. She usually plays games 2 hours a day.
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