While Seated, Date Descending [009]

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While Seated
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4 min readMay 12, 2016


20160512_bieber_canyon_mdm.png — Not a quote by the Grand Canyon but it could have been. [Photo via thecanyon.com]
20160512_Inspired_Georgia.PNG — I’m super lucky to be “one of those people” who loves their day job. It’s something I never take for granted. Excited to see this project come to fruition later this fall. Such an excellent photo for the cover, too! (Cover photo by Samantha Yancey.)
20160511_IMG_6084.JPG — Haven’t attended an artist talk where the artist talked more about homage, appropriation and re-enactments as much as Dread Scott last night at Spelman. His US Constitution-burning effort above, via Ai Weiwei.
20160511_GIF_TOWER_BEARDCAGE_MDM.gif — Hard to know how many people are participating in GIFable nonsense like this, but if you aren’t, why the heck not? Giphy is the most fun in searching since AltaVista, or “the prototype of a fully semantic visual language, a linguistic evolution with legs that’s oozing up from the Internet swamp and taking its first tentative steps on dry land…”

20160511 — If you’re looking for two pieces of journalism that are most definitely worth your while (and fascinatingly complementary), please check out “Black Teens are Breaking the Internet and Seeing None of the Profits” and “Black Trauma Remixed for Your Clicks” from Doreen St. Felix & Niela Orr, respectively.

20160511 — Sweet html email from the folks at flickr. <br /><br />

“Do what you think is good. If you get 50 likes, great; if you get 500 likes… Your life exists outside of television and likes and Instagram. Engage the world.” — John Stewart interviewed by Axelrod, or you can watch it here.

20160511 [Screenshot]

20160511 — If you came over this weekend, I’d pour you FIRST MACBETH, which opened at The Globe in 1611 — which I didn’t know, but you knew, I know you did.

20160511 — Two actual American breweries have done the Boaty McBoatface name deed. [Screenshot]
20160510 — bon_chien_atmosphere_mdm.gif — When you image search Bon-Chien you get atmosphere.

20160510 — I’m as constrained by the click&scroll on-a-platform-I-don’t-own as anyone else. When you’re outta here, analytics gurus call it:

Leave while you still can!










20160510 — Not unrelated, #PhotosWeLove is another opportunity to twist the stem or stem the tide, if only for the length of a photograph, and the time it takes to explain its impact on you.

If your thumb or mouse is worn out from all that double-tap faving and liking; take a step-back, give yourself 20 minutes & some whitespace to share with us the story about the photograph you can’t shake.

If not you, who?

20160509 —Even if you’re seeing this photo of this Jakub Geltner installation for the 2nd or 3rd time, it doesn’t make it any less great.
20160509_IMG_6073_MDM_6s.jpg — When you’re trying to match an Eggleston photo from Election Eve but all the web versions crop the clock on the left-edge of the photo…
20160509_IMG_6066.jpg — Still loving all the Republican outrage about President Obama putting his feet-up on the desk in the Oval Office on 9/11 with Karl Rove standing beside oh wait [Screenshot]
20160508_Terry_Richardson_MDM.gif — When was the last time you wondered about the current status of lawsuits involving Terry Richardson? [made this one from the Winehouse doc & it links to giphy]
20160506 — I wrote about the everlasting greatness of this photograph for the launch of #PhotosWeLove
20160506_salmon_dog_MDM.gif — I wanted to see what a GIF of a chat with a GIF would look like.
20160502_IMG_5999.JPG — “Fiber, Jack!”

20160506 — There are so many ace quotes in this interview with Andrew Sullivan on the New Republic “Primary Concerns” podcast — and the 2nd story, where Erica Grieder talks about covering Cruz for Texas Monthly is great too.

20160505_IMG_5996.JPG — Because a tricycle with a Bernie sign isn’t redundant, it’s a recumbent.
20160506_IMG_6007.jpg — [Screenshot]

“The reverse-chronological social media feed — the way you’ve read Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and blogs (which is to say, the internet) at various points over the last decade, updates organized according to the time they were posted, refreshed at the top of the screen — no longer really makes sense.

“If Taxi Driver is on Netflix, Netflix doesn’t come to your house and steal your Taxi Driver DVD.”