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Michael David Murphy
While Seated
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2 min readJul 31, 2016


20160730_IMG_7982.JPG — Always love to see these shadow face-merge portraits, which remind me of the “candlestick or woman’s face” illusion; here, it’s Netanyahu (left) and Obama (right) from Alex Gibney’s latest, Zero Days.
20160730Kid Fresh
20160727_IMG_7902.JPG — The tiniest bumper sticker on a red-state plated car, running through another red-state that played its part in thumbing-up Trump’s unstoppable bigotry through the Republican primaries.
20160728_IMG_7945.JPG —Fun to see a friend making photographs in the middle of breaking news while I’m breaking-in my couch. Cheers, Joeff Davis.
20160730_TVCN9510_notmine.JPG — Always interesting to see two radically different perspectives taken within minutes; on the left, Ben Lowy’s photo of HRC & Co., on the right, Ben Lowy himself, from the TIME snapchat stream, which I think was being piloted by Landon Nordeman at the time.
20160730_IMG_8027.PNG — Just a fuzzy png of my dad teaching some cadets (“cadets”?) from the United States Coast Guard Academy last week, on board The Eagle, their training tall ship. There are probably 8 things wrong with my description of this image.

Updated the list of American breweries currently using foeders, thanks to Southern Brewing Company, which just released a foederbier to Atlanta, becoming the 1st brewery in Georgia to have a foeder, and while it might not be the most elegant and refined example, it’s perfectly good, refreshing, and the 1st in our fair State, which is definitely worth supporting.

20160727–[2 screenshots]

If you want to do an odd double-feature of recent films on a theme, you can always do the embouchure two-fer, which includes Don Cheadle trying to get his lips back into shape as a coke-rattled Miles Davis; or Ethan Hawke as Chet Baker trying to get his lips right, while on heroin in a bloody T-shirt in a bathtub.

20160727 — As long as this beautiful Snapchat bug/feature exists, I’m going to continue playing the game of accidentally sync-ing-up, life as it is happening in real-time with whatever I might be listening to, which is usually a podcast. Describing the set-up sounds horribly lame —but trying to create one makes an odd kind of sense and is maddening & thrilling, like this one above, which could be better, but it’s not, which is the point.
20160729_IMG_7962.JPG — When set designers for advertisements put “art photography” on the walls to make it seem like the characters in the ad (selling some kind of new washing machine) have that kind of taste.
20160725 — This is a real thing, from #golfculture. 50% of proceeds go to a memorial fund, which is great, but what’s up with the horizontally-photographed head-cover? And the “somber but respectful” color treatment? In case you missed the name, it’s a “Fallen Officer Fairway” headcover. Ok, then. [Screenshot]



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While Seated

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