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While Seated, Date Descending [003]

Using fair use fairly, #slyhigh, and the impossibility of n’word-free screenshots of Trump rally livestreams

Michael David Murphy
While Seated
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7 min readMar 16, 2016


(Or, when you can’t stop making things for a few over-caffeinated weeks in March.)

20160316 — For ACP, I wrote about The “Facebook-ification” of Instagram, and their plans to institute an algorithmic timeline, which solves a few problems for In$tagram, and is likely to alienate a core base of image-obsessed nerds.

In Instagram’s defense, they’ll be able to prioritize your timeline around popularity and advertisements, but most of all, as mentioned in Monday’s New York Times, it will enable their co-founder to not have time-zone-induced FOMO when he wakes up in the morning.


20160316 — Weird how on Monday night, when Jordan Spieth visited Steven Colbert for the Late Show, they aired a sequence that looked startlingly similar (the exact same) to a supercut I made last year: “Jordan Talks to His Ball”:


CBS, who broadcasts both The Masters and Colbert’s Late Show, owns the footage of the tournament, and my supercut used that footage as its source.

It was a transformative, fair-use video which received a bunch of press last Spring (golf-world press, but still) including a post on CBS Sports’ own site.

Screengrab of April 17th, 2015 piece on CBS Sports

I’m not complaining; I just find it a fascinating circle. I fair use the construction of a supercut that goes viral (or as viral as a video of a guy talking to golf ball can go) and get “fair used” back a year later by CBS.

There are a few technical reasons that lead me to realize CBS didn’t just paste in the HD source of my video — they re-cut their own version.

I would have loved to have been a fly-on-the-wall when a CBS producer sat down with a video editor & my YouTube video and said, “hey, can we do something exactly like this — but with Masters-approved yellow subtitles, and a watermark?”

Good times. Here’s footage of Monday’s Spieth appearance:

Steven Colbert’s Late Show’s version of my “Jordan Talks to His Ball” supercut

20160315 — Best thing I’ve seen all week: Bernie (as his grandkid’s favorite monster) super-imposed into Trump’s Dayton rally, scaring The Donald. Strange how Twitter says this is a gif, but it’s actually a looping video. Ok, then!

20160315 — Last night, while making dinner, Trump’s plane was landing in Vienna, Ohio, so I fired-up YouTube for the live-stream, and was amused and horrified (as always) by the Live Chat comments.

I don’t know when YouTube launched the ability to chat live during a stream (I’ve already tried and failed to download the logs in their entirety — need some special Javascript for that) but the velocity with which they’re updated makes the escapade of attempting to read — and possibly make sense of them that much more ridiculous.

It’s worth subscribing to Right Side’s YouTube channel, just for laffs. (Turn on the channel notifications to receive notice when the streams begin.)

Plus, I was able to see Tommy DiMassimo’s stage rush in Dayton live, as it happened, which was a weird thrill. (Also strange that he’s the same guy who did such a great job riling-up the Confederate flag yahoos at Stone Mountain, back in August. Cheers, Tommy!)

Photo of Tommy DiMassimo by Curtis Compton for the AJC

Catching a hate-free, n’word-free screenshot of the Trump live-stream chat log is like playing a video game where you always lose. Sad!

Random example of live chat screenshot from Trump rally 20160314

20160313 — The current duo of exhibitions at The High Museum of Art; Vik Muniz, and Basquiat’s Notebooks, are the two best back-to-back shows I’ve seen at any museum in I don’t know how long.

Here’s DLM ogling Muniz’s Weegee of torn paper.

Vik Muniz’s version of Weegee’s day at the beach.
And this is Weegee’s original, from 1940, larger here.

We happened across the Borna Sammak video installation that Sly Stallone stood in front of a few days earlier on his Instagram, so I made a video and merged us together like a tape loop, as one does!


The 2016 equivalent of running up the 72 steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum. Looping with Rocky, a couple of days apart, in front of a Borna Sammak at the High Museum of Art, tracing the slip. Source here. Hyperallergic story here. #slyhigh


20160312WITHOUT A THREAT OF VIOLENCE, a quick-and-easy contrast of Ted Cruz’s comments on 20160311 about Trump’s Chicago rally, with MSNBC’s clip of Kevin Swanson shooting his mouth off about killing gays in November, 2015, while introducing Cruz.

Lovely folks, these two. It took me about 45 minutes to make this while eating a sandwich.

Weird how no one watched it for a day and then suddenly it took-off this morning. AKA: the Facebook Effect.

20160307 — Alyson remembered how she’d heard Trump say something about how Bernie Sanders yielded his microphone to the two #blacklivesmatter activists (back in August, in Seattle) so the second we saw this man at Trump’s podium, the video practically made itself, even though the title fonts are kinda weak.

20160307— Much like last month’s Jeremy Scahill tweet inspiring me to make TED CRUZ LAUGH TRACK, I saw this tweet by Business Insider editor Josh Barro:

It took a day or so to turn it around, but it summed-up Rubio’s paint-by-numbers campaign of wishful thinking.

I used the Internet Archive’s TV news search for this, along with a lot of Chrome inspector window sleuthing. Got the idea for using the archive’s TV news search from Joel Holmberg’s exhibition at The Contemporary, even though I used the archive (for audio, only) a few years back for “Tuning ‘77”.

If you wade into the archive, beware. Much of the footage has severely slipped audio, which is always a joy to niggle around with.


20160310 — Rubio is retaining his lead on Cruz in the Supercut Views Republican Primary — 1,369 to 1,155, and Rubio entered the race five days late. Sad!


20160310 — I totally enjoyed writing this piece, even if I stayed-up nearly all night to get it done. I don’t know how journalists do it — especially the part where they write about things they might not care about.

This piece is proof I care too much about a 48-frame animated GIF in a Bernie Sanders fundraising email.

20160308 — From a digital life, day #1:

“Clinton tells another aide that she is “never sure which of my emails you receive, so pls let me know if you receive this one and on which address you did.’”

20160308 — Watermark end-game? NYTIMES face tattoo!

20160308 — Last night, I created a list of American breweries currently aging beer in foeders.

20160308THE CIRCUS, on Showtime, has been sensational. They “un-paywalled” one episode, here:

A photo of a clipping of an article from a real Maine newspaper, mailed in an envelope to Atlanta.

20160307 — With a day to go before Hawaii, Idaho, Michigan & Mississippi vote for their Republican nominee, Marco Rubio’s “When I’m President…” has pulled ahead of Ted Cruz Laugh Track:

20160307 — When friends or family txt me while driving, I reply with a photo of my steering wheel.

You know you’re bored watching a film when you find yourself more fascinated by the art on the walls (in the film) than what’s happening on-screen. I still want to know if this piece in Hopper’s place (the Mabel Dodge Luhan House) is a Baldessari:

20160306 — What happens when you attempt to discover the soft-side of a hate-monger: WHAT TRUMP LOVES.

Consolidated from five rallies: Greenville, SC; Tyngsborough, MA; Madison, AL; Oklahoma City, OK; Radford, VA.




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