While Seated [011]

20160605 — When you’re listening to a podcast, pull the phone out of your pocket to take a picture, and then try to turn down the audio of the playing podcast — but the camera-app is set to allow use of the volume buttons as a camera shutter, and as you turn down the podcast, you take 9 pictures of a gas station parking lot.
20160607– This is not the moment an algorithm thinks you should care about first. [Screenshot of Instagram blogpost altered in Chrome Inspector]

20160605 — I’m surely the last to this rodeo, but it’s fascinating that a bug for other camera-app developers is a feature for Snapchat; the ability to play audio from one app while video’ing with Snapchat. Disallowed by every other camera-app I’ve ever seen. Example below: audio from Noah Kalina interview on LPV Podcast.

20160605 — [Screenshot]
20160118_IMG_4022.jpg — Hunting animals for fun has nothing on making screenshots of corporate crossfades.
20160117_IMG_4017.PNG — Still loving this headline and cover photo from a January Times article. [Screenshot]
20160601_IMG_6557_MDM_6s.jpg — Been spending way too much time looking at this yardage book for Riverside at AAC.

20160531 — You might appreciate the specificity of these photographs, which document efforts of UCLA students to MacGyver doors shut when a shooter struck campus yesterday. As a photo project it’s unassailable (except it isn’t really a photo project). Meaning, I wish more photo projects were this bulletproof, in theory, conception & practice. (But not as punny.)

20160531_IMG_6548_MDM_6s.jpg — Every day spent in Athens is a good day.
20160116_IMG_3953.PNG — [Screenshot, source forgotten]
[20160601 — Screenshot]
20160104_IMG_3738.PNG — Grandparents bragging to a bib-wearing baby about a Bernie hoodie.
20160108_UMBY0576.jpg — [Screenshot, source unknown]
20160118_IMG_4021.PNG — When you [find a friend] and they happen to be here. [Screenshot]
20160528#literallytouching [MDM]
20160527 — Fifty years ago today, one of the most (in)famous taxi rides in the history of taxi rides.
20151203_IMG_3106.JPG — Ok, now that’s settled.
20160526 — When you click an image thumbnail preview in Facebook Messages, the image on the right pops-up, a poorly rendered, illegible version of the higher-res PNG, that when downloaded and opened renders correctly and becomes legible (on the left).#featureorbug
20160526 — Gotta admit I just re-watched this. Unreal time-capsule.
20160525 — Sweet embed code from WSBTV here in Atlanta [screenshot]
20160523_IMG_6372_MDM_6s.JPG — The Hummer loves BOTH MJs, not just one — BOTH, ok?
20160524 — Nice and neat logo-removal photoshopping in this article from Josh Berhow on Golf.com
20160524 — “luckily” [Screenshot]

While Seated

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