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While Seated
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4 min readMay 24, 2016


20160513_IMG_6134.jpg — It’s incredible it exists (isn’t it?) and if you’ve never seen one, it’s worth trying to Google rather than me spoiling it all right here. [Screencap]

20160523 — There’s a wide confluence between two recent documentaries that are very much worth your time. You know when someone says, “I saw this great documentary about ___” and you think, “yeah yeah sounds good” but you know you’ll never see it?

Michael Moore’s “Where to Invade Next” is a potent idea bomb. It’s not easy being a Moore fan, but his new movie is the kind of film I’ve always wanted to see — a global harvesting of best practices that the US either developed, abandoned, adopted, rejected, or steadfastly ignored.

And Katie Couric’s “Under the Gun” is phenomenal. Both of these aren’t setting new bars for the highest expression of documentary art. But both are powerful examples of (well-sourced and presented) activist arguments. Clearly stated, positive & strong, each might open an eye or two.

And any time you listen to Gabby Giffords talk about anything, it’s time well spent.

20160523 — Honor Roll [screencap]
20160522_IMG_6358.png — iPhone Rothko-esque opacity blurring when swiping-down from the top and inputting a search-term that yields no results.
20160518_IMG_6253.PNG — [Screenshot triple-shadow double-portrait]
20160519_IMG_6290_MDM_6s.jpg — Some of the most creative “branding” I’ve ever seen on television, via VICE’s new channel and their call-us-and-leave-a-message box. Voice mail then displayed word-by-word in real-time, sync’d with recorded voice. Great satirical docu-art/advocacy/branding.
20160516_IMG_6232.PNG — [Screenshot] You got distracted by your 2nd screen before you finished reading the quote. It’s OK.
20160522_IMG_6360_MDM_6s.JPG — Great use for Post-It Notes, tracking whether or not your five year old Mac Mini is toasted on reboot. Rather than staring at the progress bar that always seemed stalled, track it with a Post-It!

20160522 — Loving both the seriousness and irony of the fact that the kettle sour / barrel sour segregation movement has begun.

20160511_IMG_6093_MDM_6s.jpg — Something weird about going to the movies in 2016 and watching a nationwide simulcast of an evening you spent 27 or so years ago, when you were 17 and hitch-hiked to go see a band you liked.

I could say more here about what the music above means and doesn’t mean, but it would be as convoluted as trying to prove that The Grateful Dead was the greatest punk band of all time.

They were.

I just haven’t taken the time to prove it yet.

20160518 — It’s weird that the public perception of Werner Herzog is that he made Grizzly Man. Odd to have that at the top of his resume, considering his ouvre.


20160519 — Sweet, can’t wait to scroll through this. [Screenshot]
20160519_IMG_6262.PNG — [Screencap]
20160519 —I can’t take the lead when I’m the wrong Michael. [Screenshot]
20160519 — “Christine Vachon — Executive Producer” — [Screencap]
20160518 — Sweet, Instagram! This is a really great thing for your users!
20160518 — Unposted & deleted tweet draft masquerading as bad intro to midlife crisis short story. They call Alabama the Crimson Tide.

“Ford noted that there is a privilege to who gets to be private — art collectors don’t have to tweet but it’s sort of a requirement that freelance artists and tech company employees do.” — [motherboard]

20160518_IMG_6242.PNG — The New Yorker’s weekly discussion of how it arrived at a particular cover is so serious you can send a screencap to your friends and compare it to a hostage video. TNY’s feed slams so hard between deadeningly serious and total nonsense; makes you wonder what kind of “strategy” is being employed. [Screencap]

20160518 — Facebook owns Instagram, but isn’t smart enough to know whether or not your Facebook page has a corresponding account, so instead they serve an ad (for Instagram ads) asking a question they could programmatically answer on their own.

20160517 — If you’re a parent of small children, there are a billion better ways to spend your ear hours than listening to a podcast examining the Justin Ross Harris case, but if you do, you might find it difficult to make it past the first episode, where the host, Bill Rankin (an accomplished legal journalist for the AJC) has a lightness to his voice that belies the seriousness of the subject matter. The chipperness of his voice’s timbre is so discordant with the crushing details of the case, it makes you wonder what might have been with a different voice at the helm. It’s why the allure and popularity of Serial continue to fascinate — it wasn’t just the reporting and the slow reveal of facts that hooked listeners, it was Koenig’s voice (and Adnan’s, especially) that helped create trustability, authenticity, and an overall spell, right from the get-go. Most of the best podcasters understand this; how-they-say what-they-say might even be more important than what gets said. Rankin’s got all the facts, but he presents them in much the same way I read aloud from children’s books at bedtime, which is a horrible allusion.

There are not enough dots to create a large enough pause between what’s above and what’s below.

20160516_IMG_6229_MDM_6s.jpg — When KF gets all Goldsworthy on the front walk.
20160516_IMG_6218_MDM_6s.jpgPurple fringing is over if you want it.
20160516 — Because an internal NSA email newsletter (circa 2003) would would not be an internal NSA email newsletter without a book review of Crytonomicon. [Screenshot]
20160517_QVFW0406.jpg — I wish I took this photo. Hillary beat me to it. [Screenshot]
20160514_IMG_6149.PNG — When your favorite (beer) podcast is a dedicated, balls-to-the-wall, big-brewery apologist, because big-brewing butters the kind of bread preferred by branding agencies.
20160512_IMG_6105_MDM_6s.jpg — Homebrew always looks good in this CCBC glass.
20160513 — Thank you, Jon Feinstein and Ben Alper

20160513 — Facebook knows and remembers what you type into a text field, even if you delete the text and don’t make the post, which means Facebook knows about the dead kitten in my driveway that I had to navigate around this afternoon while unloading an infant, a four-year old, and a dog. Good times.

20160510_IMG_6080_MDM_6s.jpg — Appreciating this photo of small-town Mississippi by JB Rasor on view in the hallway of the photo dept. at SCAD-Atlanta
20160512 — We’ve been successful two years in a row with the Masters ticket lottery, and I suspect I’m pressing that luck right now. [Screenshot]