20160405_IMG_5445 — The exact moment when Deb Murphy’s GIF interrupted and paused my vidstream of the 1986 Masters.

While Seated, Date Ascending [005]

(Fudging the chronology because I don’t have to pay Mossack Fonseca $8.75 to do it for me.)

Michael David Murphy
While Seated
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5 min readApr 8, 2016


20160326_IMG_5275 — Ongoing fascination with the Giphy integration on Telegram. So great.
20160326_IMG_5278_MDM_6s — One of the three golf club bathrooms I’ve been in that had out-of-order flat screens above the urinals.
20160327_IMG_5293 — Ace move, Facebook.

20160328 — I was so moved by an interview I heard with Bryan Stevenson on a podcast that I went ahead and transcribed it because I’m a responsible citizen of the Internet.

20160330 — Happy Spring, indeed.

20160330 — Just discovered that Jeff Krulik uploaded “Heavy Metal Parking Lot” to Vimeo a couple months ago. I had a well-worn VHS copy. A docu-classic, fershure.

20160331_HGKM0731 — When you start treating screenshots as equal to your own photos, you end-up with great, contextless maps like this — definitely related to the election, but how? (It’s where 50% of U.S. population lives.)
20160331_IMG_5372_MDM_6s — Hollywood can’t get enough Clermont. Both upstairs & downstairs…
20160401_IMG_5384_MDM_6s — Can’t get enough house in a car at the house.

20160401 — This “Morecroft” video might be the best (art) supercut I’ve ever seen. It’s odd and tremendous, thoughtful and scary. Great constraints! Thank you, Layla Vardo.

20160402_MPUB6833 — Appreciating @davidsirota tweetstorms.

20160402 — It’s difficult to describe how low my jaw dropped when I saw these kids (there were about five of them) in the front row of a Donald J. Trump town hall in Wausau, Wisconsin, wearing homemade Trump’s Wall t-shirts, styled with nearly the same font (not the exact same, but yeah, the exact same font) as Pink Floyd’s.

Question: Is there a word for appropriation that backfires?

Answer: Yes, it’s “misappropriation”.

Question: Are you shure?

Answer: Yes. I’m just sleepy.

I’m not The News, so I don’t have to tell you what happened at SUNY-Purchase last Thursday, but the second I saw it, it struck me as a pattern. I immediately recalled three times when HRC talked over younger women who challenged her on the campaign trail, so I cut them together, above. (The audio’s horrible — gotta get better on that score.)

20160330_IMG_5342_MDM_6s — Masters Week, we salute you.

When I first saw this photo of HRC in a brewery in Wisconsin, I thought about how she was smiling but hasn’t supported a Federal change to the minimum wage, which would affect people like the woman behind her who’s trying to pull her a proper pint.

HRC’s behind the bar, working off of the populist visual significance of being one of the people, yet doesn’t believe in living wages for those in the service industry who work behind actual bars. It’s for States to decide, right?

If you were a pool photographer following HRC through Wisconsin, and were to take the photo above and then magically stop time; you could move four steps to your right and take the photograph again, and you’d end-up with the second photo below:

As much as I’m a supporter of Senator Sanders, I appreciate the occasional glimmer of HRC’s foamy sense of humor.
20160406_IMG_5488 — Nose Play
20160406_IMG_5483 — I’m beginning to think the act of clicking the home & power button when you see something amazing is as valid a method of photography as anything else. It’s a “no duh”, but knowing something and enacting that knowledge are two different things. Have you seen a stellar exhibition of screenshots yet? Have you explored the time-based dynamic of screenshot’ing fleeting moments on your device(s), only to realize that your attention to making those screenshots is more engaged than when you’re behind a viewfinder?

[You can skip this part, it’s about golf and stuff.]

It’s fun to hem & haw and try & write about how you want to make a particular work (notice I didn’t call it art?) and you finally get it down in a way that makes sense, and then Medium eats it in some weird versioning bug, which is fine, because the goal isn’t to communicate, it’s to work the thought through, and the chance to work the thought through in a way that ultimately disintegrates the thought’s trace is as it should be.

In other words, you’re only allowed to shoot stills at Augusta National during practice rounds. You’re not “allowed” to shoot video, but I did today, and hope to use what I shot as a draft of sorts to apply for credentials for 2017. Can’t make pro work without access = need to try to get credentialed.

Augusta National needs an artist-in-residence. That would be something.

Here are some views from Wednesday:

20160406_IMG_4800 — MDM
20160406_IMG_4784 — MDM
20160406_IMG_4781 — MDM

20160408 — Over the last few years, I’ve made a bunch of videos in which I’ve re-worked existing broadcast footage of golf tournaments. I started with this, which is one of my favorite things I’ve ever made:


The supercut I made last year of Spieth talking to his ball went viral-ish, and I’ve been trying to see a way into making something fun from this year’s footage.


Yesterday’s round from Spieth was head-shakingly remarkable, so I went ahead last night and made a supercut of every Spieth swing aired on the live-stream. It’s nothing special, just a fun way of compressing a round into rhythm and delivering maximum data as efficiently as possible. (Golf nerds hate these because I don’t show the full backswing…)

Spieth Thursday (Every Swing Supercut) — MDM