while(self++) { #79 } // The Follow Through

It’s not just for sports players. It’s for idea people, too. I read an article about an entrepreneur excited about coming up with “great” ideas, but who didn’t follow through on them. I fall into this category myself. You bet I have a list floating around with my ideas. Three of them in fact — each one for a different platform basis. But I almost never follow through on them. Sometimes I start, but soon the steam runs out or “life” gets in the way, and I have no time. But I should really make time. Arguably, if it’s good enough, I should even focus more of my efforts on it. I heard somewhere that the initial idea you come up with is almost never actually good. It needs to be refined, sharpened, and tested first. It needs to go through several iterations. Ideas require work. And time. And the will to follow through.

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