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Juice Boxes

A story about childhood, 5 Alive, and being alive.

A true story.

Dedicated to you, fellow pledge of the juice-box-popping fraternity

Fun with Big-Box Stores!

A geek’s adventure in entry-level retail!

I fix computers for a living. That’s because I’m an unapologetic nerd. I don’t like retail work…

Video killed more than the radio star

To say that video as a medium has taken-off in the past decade, is certainly an understatement. The success of YouTube alone is just one very tiny…

Your Horoscope for March…

Will be indefinitely delayed

About a year ago or so I receive an email from Medium.com that informed me that finally I would be able to…

Manicures can be harmful to society

The death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman urged me to finally write about something that has increasingly bothered me, something that most people probably…

Your Horoscope for February

But have a back-up horoscope, just in case


Everything that can go wrong, will, but only if you are shorter…

Petite pitfalls

(or how I accidentally let my best friend drug me)

So I might as well say it now, because it’s going to keep coming up: I am tiny. Not just short…

Your Horoscope for January

Assuming you’ve survived 2013


You will gain the astonishing ability to be entirely lint-free for the first few…

Your Horoscope for December

Ho, ho hum


A well-worn copy of the first edition Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual will play an important role in…

Reflections on Rebirth

From Toluca to Mirror Lake

Life has highs and lows. What concerns most people is the in-between, but not me. It’s the in-between of birth-to…

Your Horoscope for November

If you are an earth dweller


Learn to cantor. That foreign trip you always dreamed of may finally happen, just…

The Wibbins

When the sun goes down and hides his warm face

and the moon rises up to take his high place

Pineapple on the Balcony

Mike and I would sit on the balcony, a bowl of fresh-cut pineapple in our laps, watching our father below, crashing into the pool and gliding over the shiny tiles…


(for a website)

The content of the this website in its entirety, while intended with the honest hope of having something worthwhile to say, was crafted in the…

If I had a Dime

The desert landscape vibrates beneath my steps. This diaphragm I surf is crumbling beneath the seconds left of magic. Here I am, beneath the screen, being examined within…

Your Horoscope for October

I meant to say horrorscope


Something you say out loud while in a public restroom will lead to a whirlwind romance…

Why I Couldn’t Quit Cable

Everyone hates Time Warner Cable.

Their internet speed is horrendous, and they use a DVR cable box which looks like something I made in 5th grade shop class…plus they charge me a monthly lease to use it!

I’ve had Time Warner cable in New York City since 1995, and was a Road Runner beta tester back in 2000. Where other…

Your Horoscope for September

Or maybe it’s your coworker’s horoscope


You will have an opportunity to save someone’s life, but think…

The Sex Moves That Would Make A Man Fall In Love With You

The REAL secret behind getting that man you always wanted

Wearing Hats

We’ve all been there. The pressures of society start closing in on you and panic sets in. Are you doing the right thing with your life? Is it too late to change career paths? What about global warming? Ok, maybe you don’t stress too much over global warming (although you should), but choosing the road that’s right for you is tough to say the least. Just ask Theodor Geisel or Johnny…

Your Horoscope for August

Eerily similar to your October 2007 horoscope


Anelids will play an uncomfortable role in your dietary…

Cary Grant #deadofawesome #slain

To catch an Insetta

“Here, screen legend Cary Grant poses in a 1955 BMW Isetta in Munich, West Germany. The tiny car

Sharknado is the future of data driven movie making

This is a conversation that might have happened in the toilet of a movie studio in Burbank sometime in the recent past.

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Whimsy & Whatnot

Judiciously jocular and subtly strange dalliances and delights.

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