Meet our Interns: Yessi Cardenas

Have you ever wondered how internship at Whirlpool looks like? To answer this question, we have asked some of our interns, working in different roles, to talk about their experiences at Whirlpool EMEA.

Meet Yessi Cardenas, who is working as a Talent Acquisition and Development Intern.

I’m Yessi, a young professional woman in her twenties. A Peruvian woman. A woman who left her country two years ago to explore and to create new opportunities in her life. I just received my Master degree in Management and I am currently enjoying the experience of working at Whirlpool as the Talent Acquisition and Development Intern.

Why Whirlpool?
I was intrigued by the family culture at Whirlpool Corporation, its focus on diversity as well as career development programs which provide numerous learning opportunities. Working as a HR Intern and being in the EMEA HQ, helps me understand, day by day, that this is real at Whirlpool.

I feel that an internship at Whirlpool is a great way that exposes you to a real working experience and helps you grow professionally and personally from day one.

In my internship…
The internship gives me excellent opportunities to gain new skills, especially when it comes to working and communicating with people from different countries and cultures.

It is also allowing me to see first-hand how the HR role in one of the major world’s leading home appliances company is a really important pillar. In addition, it is also giving me some incredible insights which I will take with me throughout my personal and working life.

My Moment that Matters…

All the moments are important, every day, all the time that I am spending here is contributing to my growth. One of my best memories at Whirlpool is the “Community Day”, which gave us the possibility to share a moment of real solidarity, teaching us a lot about the importance of giving to communities where we operate.

What I really love here is the way everyone collaborates and helps each other out as the big Whirlpool family.

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