A Letter From Camp

Dear Mom & Dad,

I know you guys sometimes think advertising isn’t an “adult job”. But I wanted you to know my agency, OKRP, recently sent us on a corporate outing that was very grown-up: We took bright yellow busses to Camp Bananas!

Yep. We went off to camp. But not like the ones you sent me to. This one had jaw-dropping co-worker revelations, juicy client gossip, and unlimited rosé. And that was before we even left!

(Kidding, we weren’t allowed to drink until 9 a.m.)

Anyway, we were welcomed by Second City improv actors playing camp counselors. That was great until people started shouting out suggestions for them to play other occupations.

From there, we launched into things like volleyball, canoeing, and disturbingly competitive egg races. Seriously, these people did not take it “over-easy” on each other. *I’ll bet Dad laughed at that corny yoke. (That one too.)

Mom and Dad, you’d be proud of me. I think I really showed the Partners I can make big strategic decisions and sell ideas worth millions of dollars when I won the toilet paper mummy challenge!

All the official camp activities were great, but things really got fun when we went to Morgan’s on Fulton.

What kind of camp finishes with rooftop karaoke and never-ending mini mango crab tacos? The best camp ever invented! I’m pretty sure the entire neighborhood heard one camper’s word-perfect rendition of Naughty by Nature’s O.P.P. (And for the record, yes, I am officially down with it.)

I wish you two could have been there to see it all.

Okay on second thought, maybe not.


Your Happy Camper