Chili’s Took Over “The Office” Themed Pop-Up Bar in Chicago- and OKRP was There to Help

It is no secret Chicago has become known for its wildly successful pop-up bars throughout the city — from “Saved By the Bell” to “Stranger Things” and “The Simpsons.” This time around, Chili’s and OKRP payed homage to one of the latest pop-up sensations, “The Office” at Replay in Lincoln Park. Last Friday, we overhauled a portion of the bar, a-la Chili’s, which all of you “Dunderheads” know is a go to hotspot on the NBC hit show. A nearly sold out event, fans circled the block for their chance to earn a coveted Dundie award!

Chicago improv actors and “Dundies” hosts (L to R) Adam Archer, Meredith Stepien and Alex Kliner.

The modestly zealous emcee, Adam Archer, pelted the crowd with commemorative “God is in this Chili’s” tees, while the over achievers of the night were crowned with titles like “Most Likely to Burn Their Foot on a George Foreman” or “Most Likely to Own a Beet Farm.” By the end of the night HR was only called twice, and not a single person was permanently banned from Chili’s; a success by any office’s standards.

OKRP Copywriter, Isaac Glover and Creative Director, Jen Bills welcome guests.

Our hosts at Lincoln Park’s Replay Bar provided the perfect setting, and were generous enough to let us transform their space with authentic booths, table toppers and wall décor. They even taught their staff how to make Chili’s Signature drink, the Presidente Margarita, served in authentic Chili’s shakers and glasses. You can still visit their Office Pop Up event until September 3rd.

Bummed you missed the Dundies pop up? Watch the live stream recording here and check out more photos below!

A special thank you to our clients at Chili’s as well as: OKRP Creative Director Jen Bills, Associate Producer Maura O’Malley, the Chili’s team, and all of the Second City and IO Theater actors who helped put on a show that will be discussed around water coolers for years to come.

Before and after Chili’s took over Replay Lincoln Park.
Fans and bar-goers filled the space and lined the streets.
Authentic Chili’s barware was on hand for their signature El Presidente Margarita featured for the evening.
Show artifacts and authentic Chili’s booths installed for the OKRP curated event.
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