Olympic Commercials: Everything is Really Awesome with XFINITY’s New Spot

Music, as always, drives the point home for the whole family

by Matt Reinhard

I watched last night’s opening ceremony in Rio with my son Jesse. I loved seeing parkour performed on top of electric favelas. I loved seeing The Girl from Ipanema walk the 400-meter runway. I loved seeing the first-ever Olympic Refugee Team. I loved the pride and originality that exploded from the heart of Maracanã Stadium.

So when it came to the Opening Ceremony equivalent for commercial breaks, one spot actually stopped me in my starting blocks. I watched in awe as it took off in front of me.

Take a look.

Besides the range of fresh-looking video captured for this spot, the editorial rhythm of the piece, and the soulful restraint shown to special effects, it is the placement of the music track that really blew me away.

It took a moment for me to detect “Everything is Awesome,” the theme song for The Lego Movie. What an incredibly well-selected track supported by an inspired musical performance from — I’m still not sure who.

My response was confirmed in a flash with the smiley reaction from my 13-year-old. Sitting beside me on the sofa, his blue baby-boy eyes lit up as his silver smile beamed with enthusiasm. He was grinning, and he was rooting for the commercial.

Yes, we were watching the 2016 Rio Olympics, and Jesse and I were absolutely cheering for this XFINITY commercial.

Everything is Gold.

Matt Reinhard is co-founder & Chief Creative Officer of O’Keefe Reinhard & Paul.

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