Whiskey & Bananas Presents: The “Shangri-La Suite” Playlist

Celebrating the release of Eddie O’Keefe’s film with tracks picked by the director and film’s stars

February 2017 sees the long-awaited, much-anticipated wide release of Eddie O’Keefe’s full-length film Shangri-La Suite. With our own executive producer credit on it, OKRP previously screened the film here in Chicago, and we’re very excited that more people will finally get to experience this tale of romance and murder against a backdrop of 1970s Americana — with an excellent soundtrack. Instead of our signature Whiskey & Bananas playlist, this month we are celebrating the release of the film and its music with a collection of tracks selected by Eddie and the film’s stars.

Here’s a note from Eddie on how these tracks reflect the film:

My writing partner, Chris Hutton, and I, titled our film “Shangri-La Suite” because we wanted it to feel like a suite of music; like some warped, wild, rockabilly dirge. Instead of focusing on the pillars of plot and character, we aimed to explore the feeling, the musicality of our story. These twelve tracks, selected by the film’s three leads, Emily Browning, Luke Grimes and Avan Jogia, and myself, express the sonic palette of our film and betray the spirit of their characters.

LUKE GRIMES (Jack Blueblood)

One Night — Elvis Presley

Bringing it back to the classic early days of Elvis — not the latter-day one that the film’s main characters would set out to kill in 1974.

I Want You — Bob Dylan

A love song from Bob Dylan’s 1966 classic double album “Blonde on Blonde.”

Last Kiss — Frank J Wilson and the Cavaliers

The prototypical 1950s tragic teenage pop song.


I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times — The Beach Boys

This Beach Boys classic resonates no matter what times you were born in.

I Found A Reason (Demo) — The Velvet Underground

A Dylan-esque alternate version of the track from The Velvet Underground’s final album in 1970.

Little Bit of Rain — Karen Dalton

A great lost gem from Cherokee folk singer and guitarist Karen Dalton in the early 60s Greenwich Village scene.

AVAN JOGIA (Teijo Littlefoot)

Half-Breed — Cher

The film’s Native American characters are mirrored in Cher’s 1970s hit about the troubles faced by being part-Native and part-white in the USA.

California Dreamin’ — The Mamas and The Papas

What’s a film about 1970s America without California and The Mamas and The Papas?

Nights in White Satin — Moody Blues

A staple of the “Shangri-La Suite” era.

EDDIE O’KEEFE (Director)

Cool Summer — Bob Lind

Bob Lind is a deep-cut classic of the early 60s folk movement.

Girl From The North Country — Link Wray

Electric guitar pioneer Link Wray covers Bob Dylan to upbeat and devastating effect. (Read Eddie’s in-depth discussion of this track at Aquarium Drunkard.)

Hurt — Timi Yuro

A soulful heartbreak classic. Not to be confused with the latter-day Johnny Cash song. (Also check out Eddie’s take on this song and three different versions of it at Aquarium Drunkard.)