Whisky Review #2 — Glenfiddich 12 YO Single Malt

Once again I followed the cliche here, Glenfiddich 12 Year old is not only my second whisky review , but it is the first single malt whisky I tasted. So , for me at least it lives up to the stereotype of being the beginners single malt, although that doesn’t mean you wont be picking it up after developing a more complex palate.

Many establishments I have found only seem to stock a selection of blends but only one single malt: Glenfiddich 12. So If you are out and about and want to drink single malts, you pretty much have no other option.



Sweet malty smell with a very fruity apple/pear hint. Quite strong and potent in fact if you nose it for long.


Arrives quite sweet and fruity and dries into a malty , wheaty aftertaste that is very clean and distinct.

Water lightens it but reduces the sweetness in both smell and taste. Specifically it seems to dull the apple/pear aftertaste.


  • Nose 19/25
  • Taste 23/25
  • Finish 24/25
  • Body 20/25

Total 86/100

Professional Review

Because I’m a total noob to whisky tasting , I will try to provide the unbiased opinion of someone more experienced than myself. Most of the time these will be Ralphy videos as I feel he is possibly the most unbiased youtuber in existence.