Tasting Notes: AnCnoc 16

AnCnoc is a single malt scotch whisky produced by the Knockdhu distillery in the Eastern Highlands (er, Speyside). Typically anCnoc has been used as a component of blends; however, Knockdhu is making a concerted effort to raise the whisky’s profile and is increasingly releasing more of its stock as single malts. Knockdhu is distinctive in that it is one of the only (if not the only) distillery to eschew computerization, and the distillery continues to be operated completely by hand.

The 16 year old is the only release by Knockdhu matured entirely in ex-bourbon barrels. For more information about the distillery, I recommend Whisky For Everyone’s account of their recent visit.Thanks to Alembic Communications for providing a free sample of the whisky for review.

ABV: 46%

Nose: Very light and sweet — like hard candy. Peppermint. Apples come through very strongly in the back after a few nosings.

Taste: Sweet and a little spicy. Peppermint, spearmint seem present, but lightly, not strongly. There’s still some fruit, but again it comes through weakly.

Finish: Moderately long and pleasant echoing of all these flavors

Overall there’s nothing wrong with this dram, but it wasn’t my favorite, probably because I favor heavier, bolder taste profiles. Everything came through a little too indistinctly for me, with no real flavors standing out to sell the dram and keep you coming back for more. But it is light and nice, and probably a good starter whisky for someone intimidated by sherry and peat monsters.