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Tasting Notes: Lismore Single Malt

While there is some debate as to whether Lismore is a vatted or single malt, or even a blend, it is essentially an independent bottling of some Speyside malt. I’ve read over at Malt Advocate that it may be a 5 year Glenrothes, in fact. My guess is that since it is labelled as a single malt, it is that, but that it may use any number of different Speyside distilleries to fill any given bottling (perhaps especially Glenrothes). Either way, in Chicago you can pick it up for as little as $18, and there seem to be even cheaper prices for it elsewhere. Thanks to KB for the dram.

Lismore “Single Speyside Malt Scotch Whisky,” bottled by William Lindie & Co.

Price: $14–20

Abv: 40%

Color: amber.

Legs: medium-to-large, and fairly quick.

Nose: rasberries, peaches, maybe some pears also, a good bit of rotted wood, and something like stewed apples; rich and buttery on the nose, too.

Palate: a touch of honey up front with sutble, muddled fruit, and oakiness throughout; couldn’t get much more flavor movement; some sugary sweetness developes with time (marshmellows).

Body: a little thin and watery, but still within the acceptable range of a Speyside.

Finish: pretty short; the mouthfeel just sort of drops off, leaving a touch of oak behind for a second or three.

Overall: for the price, it’s an excellent dram; against your average $40–50 bottle, there’s a lot left to be desired. I was happily surprised with the sweet and buttery nose, and the drinkability is there.




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